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montreal5 09-13-06 08:54 AM

Armstrong and Landis
So I know nothing of professional cycling, but what is all this steroid mess? Has Landis been officially stripped of his title? Does the confession of steriod use by a former teammate mean that Armstrong used steroids. If he did, what does it say about a guy who cheated then told anyone who listened that he didnt?

alanbikehouston 09-13-06 09:07 AM

There are several dozen existing threads on these topics where hundreds of members express their opinions. If you interested in the FACTS, as opposed to opinions, you can use Google "News" to search for articles published in the past three days that detail the fact that Armstrong's team member makes clear he was talking about HIS own personal cheating, and that he never saw Armstrong use EPO or steroids.

And, you will find articles detailing the specific flaws in lab results for Floyd Landis that make clear that the results are not trustworthy or reliable.

But, remember: at "Bike Forums", most members don't want to be confused with facts: "all pro cyclists are crooks, cheats, liars, and dopers, until proven otherwise".

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