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travisvb24 09-13-06 06:32 PM

indoor software training
Just getting into the cycling thing, but winters in Wisconsin aren't very helpful. I am looking at getting an indoor trainer, and looking to improve on ability. Are there any other software programs that I can run through my computer other than computrainer? That system sounds really cool, but also really expensive. Wondering if I can try to get a little less expensive trainer, and hook software up to it? Also, what should I be looking for when getting a trainer? I live in a second floor apartment, and don't feel like getting kicked out just yet.


shoerhino 09-13-06 10:15 PM

Tacx I-Magic is a good unit. I have one and I really like it. Seems pretty quit, but most of the time I ride with music playing so I don't pay much attention to noise.

Another alternative is the Performance Axoim. I don't have one but they get good reviews.

travisvb24 09-14-06 07:57 PM

is the I-magic a program that I can set up with a separate trainer, or is it one that the trainer IS the I-magic (i.e. can I use a Minoura (as example) trainer with the I-magic computer program??) Thanks. Travis

shoerhino 09-14-06 08:40 PM

In order to use an I-Magic, you need both the software and the trainer itself. The trainer has a special interface that plugs into a computer and once it is attached to the computer, it comes with some software that you can run.

The software does two things. First, you can set it up so that it runs a program of varying resistance, similar to an exercise bike. You can pretty make any program you want with varying resistance. The second thing you can do is run a virtual realty program that simulates a ride. You represent a virtual character on the screen and as you go through the course, the resistance is changed according to the terrain.

You really need to have a trainer that attaches to your PC in order to use any software and not many trainers are compatible with computers. I know of the Real Axoim (, the computrainer, the Tacx I-Magic, and the Tacx Fortius. Most of these do come with some software to get you started.

Check out

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