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N_C 09-14-06 05:29 PM

I did it!
I made it home in less then an hour on my commute! Before yesterday my best time was 1:01:59, yesterday I beat that with a time if 1:00:19. Today I finally rode the 14.3 miles in under an hour, this includes 2 miles of climbing, 1.5 miles of those are steep. My time today was 57:52. Granted the 15 to 25 mph tail wind helped, but I still hit my goal of commuting home in under an hour. I don't know if I can improve my time any more, but I will try.

How are you doing on your cycling goals this year?

Wino Ryder 09-14-06 06:48 PM

Congratulations "NC", I believe we share a common goal, with the relatively same distance. My nightly commute is also 14 miles and have just recently cracked the hour mark too. I dont have any steep hills, but the ones I do have are moderate, and long enough to leave me gasping. With the slight 2-3 mph tailwinds I get sometimes, I can really crank it up. I think my best time to date is like 58 minutes on my Tommasini, which equates to a nearly 15 mph average over my commute. 15 mph might not seem like much to some people, but I have several rough RR tracks to cross, plus about 5 traffic lights to deal with. All that eats away at my average, and turns my 17 mph speeds down to 15 or less.

Good show, and keep it up. ;)

badkarma 09-14-06 07:08 PM

Congrats on the personal goal. Maybe your next goal should be consistently doing it under 1 hr, and then keep dropping a little time off that.

Keep it up! :)

N_C 09-14-06 08:11 PM

I ride a Vision R40 Recumbent. My route is entirely urban with 7 sets of rail road tracks to cross, 45 of the very many intersections I pass through are either traffic light or stop sign controlled. Plus my route goes in most of the directions of the compass, mostly north though. The speed limit ranges from 25 to 35 mph. The roadways are 2 to 4 lane, some divided. I ride through semi truck routes, commercial areas, industrial areas & residential neighborhoods. The road conditions range from perfect to piss poor. The road surface material ranges from concrete to asphalt.

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