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powerglide 09-15-06 03:00 PM

Consumer Product Saftey Recall...what to do?
Hello Everyone,
I've been lurking around here but never registered.
This is my first post!

Anyways, I own a Gary Fisher Utopia that I bought new in 2001.

I was Googling around today and discovered its listed as a recalled product:

Even though my bike is registered with GF, they never contacted me.

Does anyone have nay suggestions about what I should do?

...or what it was recalled for... it too late?

Thank you in advance!

powerglide 09-15-06 03:03 PM

Gary Fisher just replied to email (I asked them 10 minutes ago! Super fast)
Apparently the recall is on the forks and I need to contact the manufacturer.....myabe this explains why my front forks vibrate so much!

EricDJ 09-15-06 03:31 PM

Free new forks in your future, ought to make a nice fresh riding bike.

powerglide 09-15-06 03:38 PM

I think I will be lucky to get a free fix.....

...anyone had somthing like this taken care of?

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