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DnvrFox 09-16-06 06:07 AM

Great 50+ Blueberry Pie Ride
Today, across the world, from Germany to the UK to Taipei and in all corners of the United States, folks 50+ years old will be completing the FIRST ANNUAL BLUEBERRY PIE RIDE.

Each participant will report the results of their ride on this thread:

Great literature has been written about this event:

"'Twas the night before the Ride for the Pie
And all through the house,
Not a cyclist was stirring,
Nor clicking his mouse.

The bike was set by the door with care
In hopes that daylight soon would be there
I was nestled and snug in my bed
While visions of pastry danced in my head.

When out on the street there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

The moon overhead gave off such a glow
It was practically mid-day on objects below.
What to my wondering eyes should appear
But a pelaton of cyclists each with a beer.

More rapid than eagles these bikes they came
Guys whistling and shouting and calling my name.
"DeeGee you knucklehead you 50+ phart
Get your piehole out here -- it's time to start!"

I ran back to my bedroom and jumped in some clothes
A teeshirt and shorts and what else Heaven knows
I thought of coffee -- wished I had some joe
But the group kept yellin' it was time to go.

So I tossed a wallet, the cell and my keys
Into the saddlebag with ease
Grabbed a bottle of water cold from the fridge
I'd probably need it when we hit the ridge.

And sooner than the blink of an eye
I was off and out -- Riding for pie!
The miles flew by under the the moon that night
The group of us must have been quite a sight.

We rode, and we rode, and we rode some more
'Till we'd put twenty miles from my front door.
The sun had just begun to show its face
When someone cried "There's Irma's place!"

I'd ridden this route countless times before
But I never saw Irma's compelling front door.
'Twas a vision of culinary delight
A diner with scrumptious pies to bite!

We took every seat there was to be had
And traded stories about bikes gone bad
And sooner than you can say "oh me, oh my!"
Irma was bringing us all some pie.

I've lived over half a hundred year
I've had great meals and unbelievable beer
And never, in all that time, I must say,
Have I tasted a pie that tasted that way.

Words can't capture that taste so sublime
Bite after bite, time after time.
We stuffed our faces 'till we nearly burst
No one was able to stand, at first.

But at last with the sun up so high
We mounted our bikes and heaved a sigh
We turned for home and began to ride
One after the other, some side by side.

Our Ride for the Pie was a huge success
We forgave ourselves of our dietary excess
And vowed to return the very next year
From two counties over you could hear us cheer.

Then suddenly -- maddeningly I head a buzz
I couldn't for the life of me figure what it was
But the noise continued until my hand
Reached over for the alarm clock on the night stand.

It was time to awake and time to arise
Time to wipe the sleep from my eyes
Time to drink some coffee and eat a breakfast bar
Time to Ride for the Pie -- fifteen miles ain't far!"

Read even more about this ride here:

stapfam 09-16-06 02:04 PM

For some of the older members that have not visited the 50+ forum- you want to take a look. For some of you younger members, it may not be your cup of tea, but some of the achievements of these older riders are worth considering for yourselves.

Before you younger people start thinking that this is a forum for out of fitness has-beens that should not be allowed out on the road- Some of us are like that- but not many. And before the older riders think that we are all superfit and have nothing to offer you- think again. We have riders that do extreme rides and we have complete newcomers that struggle to ride 10 miles. If you are some where in between these levels- or even outside them- come and join in out social group to give you encouragement, or give us the benefit of your advice.

Today is one of the Virtual events we have across the world- Think we have members in every continent and most of them will be eating pie today. Don't know what PIE day is- Wait till your 50 and find out.

skiahh 09-16-06 08:40 PM

Only 7 years to go before I can join in... I love blueberry pie!! And blueberry pancakes.

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