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armyrider 09-16-06 06:38 PM

Gear you ride with...
I didnt see a forum to throw this in so I brought it here..

What all do you carry with you when you ride?

I ALWAYS carry: a knife, a portable tire pump, a bottle of water, and a bike pouch on the back, bottom of my seat with my wallet, ID's, cash, a matchtube that is water-tight with matches and a striker, an emergency blanket, a whistle, sunscreen, & a few power bars.

This may seem like a lot, but in reality, with this biking pouch, it all fits and theres MORE ROOM! I think this is integral in biking because you never know when or where you will or can be and you never know when you may have to build a fire, or grab a bite to eat, or God-forbid, defend yourself.:fight:

jyossarian 09-16-06 06:41 PM

Spare tube, tire wrench, tire levers, multi-tool and patch kit. Always got money, keys wallet. Cell phone and water as necessary.

russiankdi 09-16-06 06:42 PM

Depending on the day, usually i have m sunglasses, cell phone, maybe a bottle of water or my camelback. I usually dont carry a pump because i tend to fix my bikes and ride where there's no glass.

armyrider 09-16-06 06:45 PM

I forgot, I always have my cell phone too! Thats a must if you are in urban environments. A spare tube is also something I need to get and pack inmy pouch.

ken cummings 09-16-06 06:50 PM

Commuting: everything and the kitchen sink.
Fun rides: basic tools, tube, water, ID

Tom Stormcrowe 09-16-06 06:51 PM

Cell phone, tube, tools, Patch kit, 3 waterbottles, 1 with Ultrafuel, 2 with H2O, a Clif Bar, frame pump and if going over 100 miles in a day, a SAG Wagon and driver for other things.

Ritehsedad 09-16-06 07:16 PM

I weighed my loaded panniers the other day after I got home from work...15 pounds. That includes my work clothes, phone, wallet, rain coat, sometimes rubber boots, sometimes wind pants, tools, lunch, water, & pump.

When I'm not commuting I usually have a pump, water, tube, tire irons & phone.

Taerom 09-16-06 07:56 PM

Here's a recent thread from the mountain biking forum on the subject.

armyrider 09-16-06 08:45 PM

I forgot, and ALWAYS SUREFIRE flashlight!!!!!!!!!!! cant beat the surefire brand!!!

Namenda 09-16-06 08:53 PM

On my road bike, I carry one spare tube, a Proflate with one 16Gm CO2, a small set of Allen wrenches, and I did carry a Topeak mini chain tool, until it broke recently. All these items are in a Topeak small aero wedge bag. I also carry one or two bottles of Gatorade, depending on length of ride.

On my MTB, I have a bike-sized can of fix-a-flat, and one of those Crank Brothers mini tool sets (the 17, I think).

In my pockets, if I have any, I will occasionally bring a cell phone. And my car keys, if I drove to my starting point.

Michigander 09-16-06 11:24 PM

backpack, 100 ounce hydration bladder, food, bottle of gatorade, Alien multi tool, tube, leatherman tool, fighting knife, a 1911 when I get my license, wallet and keys, tape, a poncho, and probably something else I can't think of.

Pink_Ninja 09-17-06 01:36 AM

... eerm ... me+bike+dh gear+friend

gbcb 09-17-06 08:18 AM

In my messenger bag, I keep: Park Multi-tool, pump, 15mm wrench, cone wrenches (in case I need to do emergency repairs -- rear hub's been wonky recently -- waiting for a paycheck to get a new rear wheel), patch kit. To this, add wallet, cell phone, lights as needed.

armyrider 09-17-06 03:13 PM

sorry about placing this thread here i didnt know where else to put it... it has been good and informative though.

Mr. Gear Jammer 09-17-06 05:12 PM

I carry: Water, food, money some times and a cell phone. Should carry more, need to buy a camelback that holds good amount of stuff.

ericgu 09-17-06 06:54 PM

On the bike today (57 mile ride...)

In the seat pack:

Extra clif bar (leftover, really), two emergency gel packs (carb-boom apple cinnamon), big multi tool, extra tube, patch kit, CO2 inflator. Keys, wallet. Pump and flashing taillight on the outside.

Two bottles accelerade

In the bento box:

Route map, cell phone, newtons, clif bloks.

Jersey pockets:

Refills for accelerade, endurox for after

slowandsteady 09-18-06 09:08 AM

I bring charcoal and a grill. You never know when the mood to BBQ will hit.

Brate 09-18-06 09:13 AM

On bike-
Spare tube
tire levers
leatherman Multi tool

On me (In hydration pack)
1.5L water
first aid kit
lunch (if its a long ride)

AndrewP 09-18-06 11:54 AM

Flat fix stuff. multitool, bungee cord for hanging the bike while I remove rear wheel, wet wipes for cleaning my hands after.

Machka 09-18-06 12:21 PM


Originally Posted by armyrider
I ALWAYS carry: a knife, a portable tire pump, a bottle of water, and a bike pouch on the back, bottom of my seat with my wallet, ID's, cash, a matchtube that is water-tight with matches and a striker, an emergency blanket, a whistle, sunscreen, & a few power bars.

This may seem like a lot, but in reality ...

But in reality it is not a lot of stuff, but is a lot of unnecessary stuff.

You haven't mentioned the length of your rides. On a ride under approx. 50 kms (a nice after work/school distance) there should be absolutely no need for a knife, matches, striker, emergency blanket, and whistle unless the area you live in is somewhere around Inuvik, or unless you are riding in the dead of a Canadian prairie winter. And sunscreen you can apply at home and it will last you the whole ride.

If the rides you are referring to are much longer than that, or are tours ... then maybe you might want to bring some of that stuff. Chances are you won't ever need it, but there might be that one day where an emergency blanket or a small bottle of sunscreen might come in handy.

But you've left out so much useful stuff for both short and long rides!!

-- You included a pump, but did not mention tubes, tire levers, patches, or a spare tire.
-- You have no tools at all for on the road repairs to get you going again, although I suppose the knife could be used as a screwdriver for the few bolts that have a blade head.
-- What about a jacket? It's a whole lot more convenient to put on a good quality rain jacket and keep riding, than to try to wrap yourself in an emergency blanket and keep riding when the weather turns bad.
-- If you are referring to longer rides, then at least two bottles are a good idea ... one for water, and one for sports drinks.
-- A flashlight is a very inefficient light source because it does not light up the road very well, and because you have to use one hand to hold it ... a proper bicycle headlight and/or helmet light are much more efficient both for riding in the dark and for lighting up the area if you need to do repairs.

Here's my packing list. This list is was designed with ultra-distance rides (randonnees) and cycling tours in mind, but could be used for shorter rides as well. On no ride do I bring all of that ... I pick and choose items depending on the length of the ride and the potential weather conditions.

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