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Adiankur 09-17-06 06:41 PM

Save my shorts!
Ok, went riding today, with a 13 year old kid that im getting into cycling. He doesnt want to go, but I get his parents to make him. Once he is out there, he has a great time, but his limit is up to about 20 miles, which isnt too bad for a couch potato. My problem comes in during the ride.

Im off my bike, just mounting up to ride on, and he doesnt bother to pay attention and rides right into my back, ripping my bib shorts. Now $70 may not seem like a lot to some, but I have better thing to spend my cash on than throwing away my shorts. Its a small rip, and its under the chamois, so that my butt doesnt hang out. Can these kinds of shorts be mended? and if they can, what type of thread or patch should I use and where can I get it?

Thanks for any advice.

slowandsteady 09-18-06 09:06 AM

Perhaps its no accident. I mean the kid didn't even want to go. Why bother with this kid?

leob1 09-18-06 09:33 AM

Take it to a local tailor.

Adiankur 09-18-06 09:44 AM

Originally Posted by slowandsteady
Perhaps its no accident. I mean the kid didn't even want to go. Why bother with this kid?

I know the kid well enough to know it was an accident. When it happened, he was having a good time. He starts off not wanting to go, but enjoys himself once he gets about three or four miles in. He just has trouble focusing at times and does really silly stuff when that happens. I will just have to keep my eye on him a bit more.

And thanks leob1, Ill do that.

foehn 09-18-06 10:58 AM

A small hole? Under the chamois? Geeze, you young whippersnapper, get a needle and some black thread! Knot the thread and start sewing leeeetle, tiny, neat stitches. The fabric will look as if constructed of hooked together loops; take your tiny stitches through the short fabric a few of those tiny loops away from the edge of the tear and pull tight straight across the tear, so the repair does not ripple. When you get to the end of the tear, knot off again and then run the end of thread under several of the stitches you just made and then cut the thread close to the new seam. Make sure you do not sew the fabric to the chamois.

Or are you asking if you should talk to the boy's parents to see if they will cough up some money towards repair/replacement of the shorts? :rolleyes:

Wait, I was too harsh: Get a medium to small needle and some thread, regular thread and sew it up as I mentioned above. Maybe if you mention it to the parents and sound clueless enough, one of them (probably the wife!) will have mercy on you and sew it up for you.

Or if you really are completely clueless, hie thee to a tailor or seamstress! :-)

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