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hatefulsob 09-23-06 10:06 AM

Get the FUNK out!!
My helmet stinks like some greasy, bald headed old timer has been sweating profusely with it on his greasy, old, bald noggin. How can I get the funk out without damaging my helmet?

DavidLee 09-23-06 10:12 AM


slowandsteady 09-23-06 10:48 AM

Maybe this is a bit too radical...but how about soap and water? It is just foam and plastic. Just wash it. That thing will out live all of us.

Rowan 09-23-06 12:53 PM

Yeah, us greasy, bald-headed old-timers don't have crappy heads that can't think for themselves.

Wash it with soap and water. You have heard of soap and water... although your description of the smell in you helmet leads me to think... otherwise.

DCCommuter 09-23-06 04:14 PM

In my helmet at least, the smell is only in the pads; everything else is impermeable. Take the pads out and soak them in a solution of bleach and detergent overnight and dry thoroughly. Or replace the pads.

Nachoman 09-24-06 06:08 PM

I just washed my helmet (with soap and water) for the first time this weekend. It didn't stink or anything, but after reading so many posts about cleaning helmets I thought it was about time. Did I mention that it didn't stink?

donnamb 09-24-06 10:11 PM

I remove the pads and soak them for a couple of hours in gentle soap. Rinse and hang dry. I take the rest of the helmet into the shower with me and clean the straps and such with my hair shampoo. It gets the salt and hair oil out nicely. Unless you use something hideous like Pert, it won't do anything to your helmet.

HardyWeinberg 09-25-06 12:20 PM

First I tried febreeze, but that was as bad, in a different direction, as the original smell. Then I put the pads through the laundry, and that seemed to wash out the febreeze and restore the original moldy/sweaty/nasty smell. At least it doesn't make my eyes sting anymore. I've started wearing a bandana under the helmet, and somehow that helps me (but not the helmet).

stapfam 09-25-06 01:52 PM

Any chemical that you wash a helmet with, and that includes soap and water, must be thoroughly rinsed out before using the helmet. I find that it is the pads that cause a problem, and I just take them out and rinse thououghly in water. Inside of the helmet gets a good wipe. Now instead of sweat- How do you get the smell of sheep manure out of a beard when on a ride- when you get splatterred in it from the Bike in front of you. At least thats better than dog cr*p up the shorts.

Bob Ross 09-25-06 01:56 PM

remove the pads & soak them overnight in a diluted white vinegar solution. Rinse thoroughly in cool clean water.

The rest of the helmet you can just hose off or rinse in the shower.

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