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powerhouse 05-23-07 07:01 AM

Marshal Dodge - 1982 - Hit And Run - Hawaii, USA.

randya 06-15-07 02:02 PM

Tim O'Donnell, Beaverton Oregon, June 2007

Laika 06-23-07 11:30 AM

Dairon Williams, Wyandanch, NY. 22 June 2007.

Tom Stormcrowe 06-25-07 06:30 PM

Alfred Wong, aka Revmonkey, of Markham, Ontario

Young Bike Forums member.

June 2007

EthanYQX 06-29-07 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by Tom Stormcrowe
Alfred Wong, aka Revmonkey, of Markham, Ontario

Young Bike Forums member.

June 2007

Also a talented urban rider and member. Ride on Al

MaryAnn 06-29-07 05:35 PM

My Only Child, John Eric Peckham, September 8, 2006, Palo Alto, California.

Siu Blue Wind 07-01-07 12:51 AM

Corinne Crawford, June 24th, 2007. Walnut Creek, California.

tallard 07-21-07 04:42 PM

The first time I ever experienced a cycling death. I was 5 and walking back from spending my 25c allowance at the cantine when I heard a sudden crash from the street. I ran toward it and saw that a cyclist had been attacked by the "side fencing" that bounced off pick-up truck (you know, in the old days, guys had fence-like contraptions sticking out of the sides of the pick-up bed...). He was 16 and looked really bad, I didn't know him and ran in the house to warn my parents. Other neighbors had already called the ambulance. Which got there in 10 minutes, my mom wouldn't let me get near again as she feared for my soul :(

The teen was pronounced dead soon after. He wasn't from my town. I come from a region where 150,000 occupy a territory a quarter the size of France. Most villages are strung together by a main road along the coast and speed limits vary from 50 km/h within the village core to 70 and 90 km/h (43-55 mph) outside village cores to 100 km/h in non habited strips. My family lived in a 70 km/h zone, but it was only a 5 km ride to school. That was an example of a true road accident no one was at fault, and the teen would have died weather he'd been a pedestrian or a cyclist. I think that was the reason my mother tried to raise me as a scaredycat, it rebounded at her, I took the opposite direction.

About 2 yrs later, we were walking along the same strip or road with my little sister in her carriage, our beautiful black poodle ran onto the street and was hit/crushed by a car. I loaded the dead poodle onto the bottom rack of the carriage and we walked back to the house to bury the dog. But it is the price we are willing to pay to no longer live like prehistory were family and friends all lived near and didn't need 4 wheels or 2 wheels to get to the people or work that mattered.

5 yrs after that, 4 teens from my highschool were walking along a similar stretch of road, late at night 2 a little ahead of the other 2. A man fleeing driving farm equipment was fleeing from the tax man, he was drunk and forgot the equipment was open, the 2 first kids were sliced in half, the next 2 kids heard and had time to clear the road. He got 2 years in jail.

In all these years, I've know many more drivers and pedestrians to die than cyclists. It may be statistically anecdotal, but it nonetheless served as a learning curve in life. You will die, maybe sooner, maybe later, and usually you can do little about it. So go along with your life and be alert, but do not fret and DON'T make others fret. Live life to the fullest.

MSPD 07-26-07 11:30 AM

Rest In Peace Paul Howard of Rochester, MN. Killed near Park Rapids, MN on the MSTRAM route for that day (he was not a registered participant in the event, however his tragic death interruped/diverted many of the 1,400 riders including myself). He sounds like a wonderful individual.

squeakywheel 07-31-07 10:13 AM

Paul Howard was a long time bicycle enthusiast. Friends of mine tell me he once boxed up his bike and flew to France (for a business trip) took a few weeks vacation and toured there. When he worked in Rochester, he road his bike to work even in winter. He died while on vacation in Park Rapids - riding his bike.

Fibber 08-02-07 08:04 AM

Bill Fox, June 1, 2002. Rt 52, Stormville, NY.

wellshorton 08-02-07 12:08 PM

Mary Jane Reoch, September 17, 1993

Sage23 08-02-07 09:32 PM

Stephen A. Berce, July 28, 2007, Hubertus Road, Richfield, Wisconsin

Ritehsedad 08-03-07 01:30 PM


Originally Posted by powerhouse (Post 4493839)
Marshal Dodge - 1982 - Hawaii, USA.

...Maine humorist of "Bert and I" fame. :(

KingTermite 08-06-07 11:30 AM

Michael Chandeler - Hit and Run. Christmas Eve 1984, Tampa, FL

Ill Mitch 08-08-07 11:27 PM

Charles Princep - Struck by an impaired driver on his tour across the U.S. and Canada - Alberta - August 4th 2007.


JeeperTim 08-09-07 04:05 PM

GRANDVIEW, MO -- A Lee's Summit teen was on life-support Tuesday, after she and her grandfather were hit by a car while biking on Raytown Road in Grandview on Monday evening.

Her grandfather, Larry Gaunt, 59, was also killed in the accident. Sierra Gaunt, 14, was still on life-support, but her family was making organ donor arrangements.

Larry Gaunt had ridden in the MS 150 Charity rides for the last 15 years. This year was going to be Sierra's first ride.

Note: Sierra has also died since this story.

55-11 08-09-07 06:30 PM

Darren Smith - 1977
12 yrs old.
Kingston, NY
Sanitation truck did not see him.

solveg 08-09-07 07:21 PM

Emily Roseth, 15, Coon Rapids, MN: riding her bike, waited for one train to pass, but didn't see the other one coming on the opposite track. Aug 13, 2005.

kemmer 08-10-07 10:10 AM

Charles Princep AKA B.F. member Shiznaz, killed by a drunk driver while on a bike tour- 08/04/07

gmule 08-11-07 09:58 PM

RIP Lucas Banks. I don't know anything about you other than you lived in my comunity and rode a bicycle. 12 years old is too young to die.

backinthesaddle 08-13-07 05:48 PM

Elena Castaneda. Died August 9, 2007. I didn't know her, but she was hit by a truck just 1/2 mile from my office. My condolences and prayers go out to her family and friends.

randomgear 08-24-07 09:58 PM

Raul Matos, South End, Boston, MA on August 3rd 2007.
His ghost bike was installed today - I rode past it on my daily commute, my heart is saddened.

Dominion 08-29-07 09:08 AM

Victoria Jones. 7 Years old. Died Tuesday August 28th 2007. Struck and killed by a construction truck at Bay Mills Boulevard area in Toronto.

miklb 09-03-07 09:45 AM

Jann Gennerich 7/18/42 - 2/19/97
died going uphill faster than his heart could stand ...
no id, treated as 'John Doe' for a week .
San Anselmo, CA

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