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billew 09-05-07 03:48 PM

Frank J. Cabral tuesday sept. 4,2007 Charlestown, RI

East Hill 09-12-07 11:10 AM

Bryce Lewis. Age 19. Had moved to Seattle just three weeks prior. Struck and killed by a dump truck on September 7, 2007.

East Hill 09-16-07 06:31 PM

Lucas Banks. Age 11. Lost control of his bike on his way to the library. Highlands Ranch, CO, on July 11, 2007.

barndoor 09-23-07 08:19 PM

LLoyd Clarke, a member of my local club, was killed near Lake Tahoe on 9/20 when he rode his bike into the side of a truck which was pulling out of a side road into his is believed that Lloyd may have been riding too fast and couldn't stop in time....the driver will probably not be charged ....

R.I.P., Lloyd.... you will be missed....

alicestrong 09-26-07 08:11 PM

Dana Ireland .... Rest in Peace

GeoLes 09-27-07 12:24 PM

BentBrian 2007

MMACH 5 10-02-07 09:11 AM

Christopher "Chip" Dukette 9/29/07
Austin, TX
Died of a severe head injury, sustained in a bicycle accident, on his way home from work, four days prior. He was in his early 20s.

SEARHC GUY 10-09-07 02:04 PM

Dr. Stan Oldak, pediatric dentist with a thriving practice in Manhattan and an eight-week-a-year commitment to treat children in remote Southeast Alaska villages, New York Cycling Club leader, died May 6, 2007, after a hit-and-run near Columbus, Texas (near Houston), was participating in a brevet so he could qualify for Paris-Brest-Paris

alicestrong 10-16-07 12:11 PM

Charles K. Witham ...another beautiful soul lost to us too soon...

randya 10-22-07 11:29 PM

10/22/07. Portland, Oregon. Brett Jarolimek. Brett was an employee of the Bike Gallery and respected OBRA member. Right-hooked by a garbage truck.

R.I.P Brett

Memorial Thread at

randya 10-22-07 11:33 PM

10/11/07. Tracey Sparling, 19, design student, Portland, Oregon. Right-hooked by cement truck.

East Hill 10-23-07 07:08 AM

October 19, 2007. Boise, Idaho.

Sarah Howard of Meridian, Idaho. Age 48. She died from traumatic head injury, pronounced dead at the scene.

She was struck and killed by 43-year-old Erika Janzen of Boise who was driving eastbound on Overland Road in a black 2003 Hummer H3.

Sixtwo 11-08-07 07:36 PM

R.I.P Tracy S. and Brett J..., killed in Portland, OR two didn't deserve to die so horribly and senselessly in such a beautiful city...

JohnBrooking 11-08-07 08:23 PM

Bill Wanzer, 69, of Norfolk, NY. Struck 6:18 AM Sunday, Nov 4, 2007, by a motorist who crossed into his lane on a curve. He had lights and reflective clothing, and was wearing a helmet. Some reports say it was foggy. The 31-year-old motorist has been ticketed for failure to keep right, and there is an ongoing investigation.

He and his wife were both teachers at my high school in Massena, NY, where my father also taught. Bill taught biology, and I took French for two years from his wife Abby, who survives him. In later years, he and my mother have attended the same church, and in fact they were the scheduled ushers later that same morning. This is very sad for me. He was a heckuva nice guy. :(

East Hill 11-09-07 12:33 PM

October 21, 2007:

Two bicyclists were killed in an accident in Lancaster County Sunday afternoon.

Lee Anne Barry, founder of The B.I.G. Ride, was taken to Carolinas Medical Center and died around 6 p.m., said her husband, Ben Barry of Waxhaw. She was 43.

49-year-old Thomas Hoskins of Columbia:

"Lee Anne was on the last leg of a two-month ride that began in Montana, raising awareness about brain injuries. Tom kept up Lee Anneís website, Lee Anne did such rides every two years and Tom always rode with her, often from South Carolina to Florida on the last leg of the campaign each year."

"Tom rode for twenty years, raising money for the American Diabetes Association and the Multiple Sclerosis Society, when he rode in the Tour de Cure for Diabetes and the MS Ride. Tom is the team captain for the South Carolina AT&T Cycling Team, formerly, the Bell South Cycling Team. Tom loved representing AT&T as a cyclist; he made sure he had AT&T Cycling jerseys for himself and his daughter Becca, when the name change occurred from Bell South to AT&T. Over the years, cycling was a family affair for the Hoskins. Sherry, Rob, Ryan and Becca supported Tom and rode with him. Tom completed the Assault On Mt. Mitchell in June. This was one of many pinnacles in Tomís life. In addition to God, and family, Tomís next love was cycling."

Rest in peace.

MMACH 5 12-14-07 06:02 PM

Jeff Popelka

Killed by a tractor-trailor on 12/10/07, just three days into a trip from Florida to NY.

UF student dies on bike trip

donnamb 12-14-07 09:25 PM

Jan Jansen Hendrick, 72 years old. A car struck and killed him in Gresham, OR on December 13, 2007.

East Hill 12-26-07 01:04 PM

Jacueline Solis, age 7, was struck and killed by a pickup truck while riding her new bicycle in front of her home in San Antonio, TX, on Christmas morning, police and family members said.

Rest in peace.

donnamb 12-29-07 12:07 AM

Earman Machado, age 13. Killed in Taunton, Massachusetts on December 27th by a text-messaging motorist who mistook the boy for a mailbox.

East Hill 01-03-08 03:17 PM

Luis Ortega, 16, struck and killed in Orange County, Florida, on January 2, 2008.

"According to troopers, Robert Roedell, 22, of Orlando, was going at least 70 mph -- more than twice the speed limit of 35 mph -- along Forsyth Road in east Orange County on Tuesday when he struck Luis Ortega, 16, who was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk."

Rest in Peace.

redtires 01-03-08 03:50 PM

John Stenner May 16, 1994. Killed at a STOP sign by a 17yr old driver. 1992 U.S. National Time Trial winner. This guy would give the shirt off his back. I had only just met John and I had commented on his then new Softride road bike. He said, "It's yours for the weekend, see ya Monday". I rode a hundredfifty-ish miles that weekend. I remember it vividly. I mean...who does that? R.I.P.

East Hill 01-05-08 02:30 PM

Rodney Pang, age 52...died December 30, 2007.

He suffered a fatal hemorrhagic brain aneurysm during last Saturday's CVC Red Ride at Mulholland Hwy and Sierra Creek Rd.

He died the following day at Los Robles Hospital surrounded by family and friends.

Rest in Peace.

solveg 01-14-08 10:42 PM

Rachel Anne Dow, 29. Was riding her bike home late at night in the winter from Uptown area of Minneapolis, MN to the U of M, where she was a student. Something unknown happened, and her bike was found by the Mississippi River and her body found in the river the following day.

Edit: She died of hypothermia.

vrkelley 01-16-08 02:50 PM

Rachael Ann

barndoor 01-24-08 09:23 AM


Originally Posted by barndoor (Post 5320408)
LLoyd Clarke, a member of my local club, was killed near Lake Tahoe on 9/20 when he rode his bike into the side of a truck which was pulling out of a side road into his is believed that Lloyd may have been riding too fast and couldn't stop in time....the driver will probably not be charged ....

R.I.P., Lloyd.... you will be missed....

This is being disputed....seems the truck was coming towards Lloyd, up the hill, and truck turned left directly in front of LLoyd, who was descending the hill ..... driver "didn't see him", then turned into Lloyds path and of course, Lloyd couldn't stop in time.....

Many, many people wrote in to the Lake Tahoe newspaper , questioning the local police dept's attitude towards this tragedy......automatically blaming the cyclist, when it looks like it was quite possibly driver error.......

...currently being investigated, I believe.....

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