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br995 09-30-06 10:41 AM

Where to find wholesale used parts
My school is reinstating our bike co-op, but we are dire need of extra parts. Pedals, cranks, handlebars, basically anything that someone trying to build a bike or fix a beater might want.

Do any of you know of any reputable sites, Ebay sellers, or other people/gruops who sell used (cheap) parts in bulk? Obviously we'd like to find stuff that is not garbage, but it doesn't need to be anything special (plastic pedals, for example, are fine).

There's only so many bikes we can hope to find at the limited number of garage sales around here.


dave80909 09-30-06 12:55 PM

I run a little thing like this for disadvantaged kids...heres what I do
Go to craigslist to the "items wanted" and ask for old used bikes and parts.
Thousands of bikes a day are going into landfills. Bikes that could be fixed...Bikes
that could be used to fix other bikes..etc. Millions of bikes are sitting in peoples garages
never being used and chances are they want to get rid of them.
I have been swamped with donations....craigslist...It's the bomb !! :)

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