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Falchoon 10-01-06 06:06 AM

Differences in 9 spd Shimano chains?
What are the differences - why is one to suit Dura Ace different to Tiagra?
Are they interchangeable at all?

stapfam 10-01-06 11:34 AM

Any 9 speed chain will fit a 9 speed setup. The difference's in name and price are due to quality.

I ride a mountain bike and use the XT grade of chain. About the best out there for cost and related to strength. This chain is strong and well made. Couple of years ago I "Upgraded" to a dure ace chain. It may be better quality but for me it is not strong enough. On the tandem I did a couple of rides to settle it in and on a long ride- It broke after 5 minutes. One of the side plates had pulled away and it was not down to faulty fitting. On inspection, 5 other plates were about to go the same way. Then last year- The other Dure ace chain I had got went on the Mountain bike. It wasn't strong enough for thr Tandem so put it on the MTB it Broke after only 6 months use. The only two chains I have ever broken and I change my chains every 12 months as a matter of course, and they are still good chains after that length of time.

Decide the quality you need but watch out for some chains not being as good as others for the use you put them to. Just checked my chain boxes and the one I use is the hg93. I have used the 73 with no problem but don't think I would go any lower on quality.

cycle17 10-02-06 08:28 AM

Buy a SRAM chain and never worry about chain quality or durability again.

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