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norsehabanero 10-04-06 09:18 PM

how many riders per family
how many people in your family ride and does your spouse/boyfreind/girlfreind ride, and do they support your riding or does this cause problems by spending too much time riding

I ride and the kids will ride with me but the wife doesent ride
just currious if i am alone in these kind of matters or not

Allen 10-04-06 09:31 PM

3 of 5 ride in my household. I'm the only one who commutes, the rest only ride for fitness, and think I'm a bit touched.


Machka 10-04-06 10:01 PM

Everybody in my immediate family rides! Some in my extended family ride too. :)

MattP. 10-04-06 10:49 PM

Nadie :(

Mr. Beanz 10-05-06 12:23 AM

2 of us in our household, and yes, 2 riders! Her bike is worth 3 times as mine. Helmet is 3 times and shoes, only 30% more. I got her involved and created a monster. She rides a CF Pilot 5.2 and I an aluinum roadie!....Fine with me though cause I get to ride and stop at the bike shop on the way home!:D

DataJunkie 10-05-06 08:39 AM

My wife rides once a week (recreational rider).
My son is 3 and we tow him around while riding.
I ride 6 days a week about 200-250 miles on average.

So: 2 and 1 currently being groomed.

Paul L. 10-05-06 09:25 AM

Well lets see, I am into Ultra cycling. My 7 year old can handle 15 mile rides. My one four year old can handle 2 miles and his brother who is 2 months older just got the balance and pedal thing together last night so he will likely be doing the same by Sunday. My 2 year old daughter is not a serious rider yet but she does try the tricycle occasionally. As for my wife, now that the 2 Boys are mobile she will probably be hooking up the trailer to the mountain bike and start riding but as of yet is not an "official" cyclist. So I guess we have 4 at present, be 5 in a few years and maybe my wife might even get serious about it eventually. My daughter started drafting me the other day (there was a bit of a headwind so it actually made a bit of difference). I was so proud!

ericgu 10-05-06 03:12 PM

I'm the serious cyclist. My wife is getting back into riding now and then after a calf injury last winter. And my daughter (12) is getting into cycling seriously, with a track class this summer and plans to ride a two-day double century next summer.

Nachoman 10-05-06 08:00 PM

My wife and kids will pedal with me if I want to turn it into a leisurely type of outing like a Sunday ride jumping from park to park and stopping off for lunch of coffee. They're not hard core.

caligurl 10-05-06 08:21 PM

2 out of 2 ride!

DieselDan 10-05-06 08:38 PM

My wife rides occasionally.
My son rides everyday to help his cardiovascular fitness for football. He's 8.
My daughter gets an occasional ride in either her trailer or bike seat. She's 16 months.
That's it for the household.
As for the rest of the family, no one else rides.

chephy 10-05-06 08:42 PM

2 out of 2.

mlh122 10-07-06 06:21 PM

Wife's bike is worth $1500, mine $500, though i ride about 3x as much as her. But hey she rides and supports me riding. my dad lives a couple blocks away from us and he rides too.

TomatoSue 10-10-06 08:47 PM

Just me, sadly. And I get strange looks from the family when I turn up to gatherings on my bike. Especially if I've ridden more then a few km's.

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