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cyclochica 03-27-03 12:10 PM

Hey Virginia/Maryland/DC Riders
The weather is nice now and I think it is time we plan a BF get together. Anyone interested?

joeprim 03-27-03 12:39 PM

Always interested. Of course depends on where, when...
But good idea

Teresa 03-28-03 09:00 AM

I would meet up for a ride! Any excuse to get out now that it is getting nice. :)

cyclochica 03-28-03 10:29 AM

Which day is better for the two of you on a weekend, saturday or sunday? Teresa are there nice places to ride near you, since you may be the midpoint between Joe and me.

This is so cool

roadbuzz 03-28-03 07:45 PM

I was hoping to hook up with some of the NoVa/Md/DC BF'ers one of these times, now that weather has (finally) improved. There used to be a metric century ride in April(?) out of Leesburg, or somewhere in Loudon county. I haven't been able to find anything about it this year. Does anybody know anything about it or something similar? Hey! I'm a couple hours away... it has to be worth the drive! In any case, Sunday is my best day. it'll probably be several weeks before I have a free week-end.

Teresa 03-31-03 10:11 AM

Either day is fine with me. Lately I don't care what day it is, I'm more interested in whether it is going to rain or not. No comment on the nasty weather on Sunday.

Here in Annapolis I ride frequently on the B&A trail. I've been trying to branch out to new places, but I love the trail. I've also ridden through DC a lot and on the W&OD trail since my parents live in Reston.

I'm going to the beach this coming weekend, but after that I should be free!


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