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WorldIRC 03-29-03 06:52 PM

Specialized Allez Helmet

DieselDan 03-29-03 08:41 PM

I've got one. Good helemt, but I haven't had the oppurtunity to ride in the heat of a normal South Carolina summer. It is lighter then my old Air Wave. My understanding the Allez is good for both road and MTB, but remove the visor for the road. Thankfully, I haven't had to test what it is really for!

WorldIRC 03-29-03 09:20 PM

Well basically I also have the air wave now but it feels like crap on my head. I liked the feel of the Allez on me and it would be used mainly for road riding.

fubar5 03-29-03 09:49 PM

I think you would do better trying to score a Giro or Bell in the same price range. It seems to me there are lots of helmets on sale. I've you can pony up, spend as much as possible on a helmet to get as many vents as you can. You won't regret it. I spent 150 to get a Specialized S1, and I haven't had second thoughts....The significance of that is that I don't really like to spend that much money on ONE thing...Especially something like a helmet.

I think Pricepoint has some older E2's for good prices, might want to look into it.

WorldIRC 03-29-03 10:10 PM

Ok, so basically the E2 is 60US with is $100 CDN. Then I have $16 for shipping, then I have duties which is 15%. Therefore the total price is $130. I am able to get the Allez for C$70 tax in.

fubar5 03-29-03 10:15 PM

hee hee......Forgot about that border...;)

WorldIRC 03-29-03 10:20 PM

Oh and I also forgot about the taxable $25 in tariffs that FedEx and Purolater charge for basically filling out the papers.

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