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Machka 11-01-06 11:23 PM

Bicycle Project ... do you ever wonder ...?
When people ask for information from the rest of us here for a school project they are working on ... do you ever wonder how that project went? What the final product looked like? If they actually completed it?

Well ....

I asked for information on children's books about cycling some time ago for a project I was working on. The project was to create a website showing how we could use something called Curriculum Integration. Curriculum Integration involves picking an interesting topic to use as an overall theme, and then incorporating various classroom subjects (Language Arts, Math, etc.) into that topic, all while sticking as closely as possible to the official curriculum. Since we could pick any topic we wanted, I chose "Bicycles"! (what a surprise!)

So ....

Here it is complete:

I'll just note that I put all/most of the book suggestions together somewhere around the middle of the page with their coverpages, so you can see what they look like.

Thanks to all who made the suggestions!! :) :)

RdRash 11-01-06 11:26 PM

Looks Great. Good job !

ctyler 11-02-06 09:43 AM

Thanks for following up on your project and posting the web site. The web site looks great. And what a great project for the kids.

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