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gizem310 12-05-06 12:47 PM

Do my shoes suck or is it me?
Ok, I just bought my first clipless pedal shoes online - Diadora Cayman MTB shoes (I know, I know, buying online was a mistake, they were 60% off, could not resist). Although the cleats are supposed to be recessed, I am pretty much walking on the cleats and let me tell you, it's not comfortable at all. I'm still alive and kickin' after several years of bike commuting, I don't want to break a leg just walking on the asphalt because of the stupid cleats.
Am I supposed to get used to this, or do my shoes suck?

eubi 12-05-06 12:51 PM

Well, you will have a patch just under the balls of your feet that are metal. Not too much traction there, where you need it! I have Lakes and they are much more comfortable than the "old skool" cleats I used to have, but I have to be careful.

OK for walking IMO. Be careful on smooth cement or tile and don't try to climb on rocks.

I used to have a rubber pad I could slip over my old cleats. Do they have anything like that for clipless?

slowandsteady 12-05-06 01:02 PM

I have those shoes too, and they are fine. My cleats are the Nashbar generic MTB cleats.

ghettocruiser 12-05-06 03:06 PM

Try walking through the corner store with LOOK Cleats on Shimano Carbon soles after they just mopped the floor.

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