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matimeo 12-05-06 08:23 PM

Frozen lock
So I went to hop on my bike and go to class the other day and my bike lock wouldn't unlock. I stuck the key in and it was frozen (temperatures that night dropped to somewhere between 0 and 10 ferenheit). Has this ever happened to anybody else? I wonder if it had gotten wet inside from the snow storm the day before and frozen up. Here's to someday not being a student and having a heated garage!

Nermal 12-05-06 09:42 PM

Well, I sure did it often enough with my last car. The old Dodge Spirit was exactly designed to drain meltwater from the roof into the handle and lock.

Gojohnnygo. 12-06-06 02:14 PM

Squirt a bunch of Tri-flow lube in that lock before and if it does freeze carry some lock de-icier with you or some type of lighter. To heat the lock up or your key.

mlts22 12-06-06 05:47 PM

This may not be a solution as I live in Texas where a freeze means the whole city shuts down (schools let out, businesses close, etc.) but I've found the rotating ring on new Onguard and Kryptonite locks does a great job at keeping crap out of my lock.

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