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FarHorizon 12-09-06 02:20 PM

When does "Spring" begin for bicyclists?
OK, so I've been so busy I missed the chance to sell my spare bike parts on e-Bay before Christmas. Obviously, there's going to be some Winter that goes by before the bicycle parts market gets into gear for Spring. My question is, about when do e-Bay prices go back up again? March? April? May?

Also, approximately what price differential (in percent) will I lose if I opt to sell my parts in January as opposed to in June?


CdCf 12-09-06 03:33 PM

Doesn't that depend a lot on where the bicyclist lives?

For me (although I'm not in the US), Spring would begin around late March or early April.

In other parts of the world, even in places within the US, the concept of Spring probably barely exists.

FarHorizon 12-09-06 04:02 PM


Originally Posted by CdCf
Doesn't that depend a lot on where the bicyclist lives?...

Absolutely, but e-Bay knows no "locality," other than the generic, continental U.S.A. Riders in the southern states may buy bike parts year-round, but they aren't enough of the total market to keep e-Bay demand (and thus, prices) high. I can sell my parts on e-Bay right now - somebody will buy them. I suspect, however, that by waiting until "Spring," (whenever that is, on e-Bay), I can add a significant amount to the parts' value. The questions I ask are "how much?" and "by when?"

jcm 12-09-06 04:34 PM

The only thing I know about buying parts off E-bay and Spring, is when I bought a Brooks B73. They're under the leather, no matter the weather. ;)

CommuterRun 12-09-06 06:18 PM

It already has. I just put brand new rear racks on two of my bikes and 1 pr. of clip-on panniers.:)

Portis 12-09-06 10:26 PM

Ebay cycling parts are really not that seasonal. At most I would say you could lose 10%, but I really don't notice a lot of difference, and I watch it waaaaaaay too much.

CtoF 12-10-06 02:21 PM

Its Spring in Michigan right now. I mean, it was like 35 degrees today. . .HOT!

TomM 12-10-06 09:00 PM


Originally Posted by CrimsonEclipse
Spring in S Fla starts Jan 2nd.


And in N Fla Spring starts Feb 2nd.

powerhouse 12-15-06 11:49 PM

Spring for a typical Maine bicyclist ranges from Mid-March to early April. But with changing weather patterns and global warming, that's been changing things a lot.

edp773 12-16-06 09:20 AM

Anyday it os over 45 Degrees.
I agree with Portis, the last two winters bicycle prices have not dropped much on Ebay during the winter. The other thing you did not consider is that plenty of bicyclists in the south tend to ride more in the winter when the temps are not too hot.

bkaapcke 12-16-06 04:38 PM

As soon as the winter chill begins to moderate. About when you take off the facemask and riding gets better each day. This is well in advance of any calendar notion of spring. bk

cyclezealot 12-16-06 04:50 PM

Pretty much it' s like California here. During the three winter months, maybe we can't ride 8-10 days a month. If you don't mind a little rain, maybe the winter months' only causes one to loose 3-4 days. The biggest cause of not riding here is the winds off of the Pyrenees. They can howl up to 90 kmh. I cant ride in that. It snows here once like every 5 years. So with a little luck, spring begins Jan 1.

FarHorizon 12-16-06 10:40 PM

Thanks very much to all who have replied. I'll get to photographing & posting ASAP. Merry Christmas, all!

Machka 12-16-06 11:09 PM


Originally Posted by FarHorizon
Absolutely, but e-Bay knows no "locality," other than the generic, continental U.S.A.

Ummmm ... isn't ebay worldwide?

If that's the case then "spring" in the southern hemisphere happened back in September, and it's the middle of summer now. Up here in Canada, spring usually occurs around March 21st.

Artkansas 12-21-06 04:24 PM

The off season for cycling in Palm Springs CA is summer. It's 110+, just a little warmer than Phoenix and fewer people cycle then. Winter is the big season for cycling.

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