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dj_bennjamin 12-14-06 03:09 AM

Who can helpe me???
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1 Sorry 4 my english!!!! I whant to do this bike but i don't have projects!!!! do any one of U have some projects 4 this bike!!! thx!

dj_bennjamin 12-14-06 03:12 AM

most complicate i think is the wheel from the back!!! how do I buid that axe from inside!!!

unkchunk 12-14-06 03:53 AM

I think the biggest problem is going to be the chain line. From the picture there seems to be two chains, one from the pedals to an intermdiary axle, and another from another gear on the intermediary axle to the sprockets on the rear wheel. If you had only one chain, the spindle on the bottom bracket would have to be as wide as the rear tire and you would have to pedal bow legged.

operator 12-14-06 03:55 AM


charlisity 12-18-06 02:20 PM

It looks like most of that will need to be fabricated. You can get the front wheel, chain, bottom bracket, sprockets and chains form the store. Everything else needs to be welded together. Do you know how to do that?

Dr.Deltron 12-18-06 03:16 PM

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That bike was featured on the BikeRod&Kustom website several months ago.
The rear rim is a hogged out Chevy car rim & the hub was fabricated from some stock parts.
Crazy cool if you ask me!

But then this pic is my 10th grade metal shop project!:rolleyes:
circa 1976

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