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spinnaker 12-17-06 09:52 PM

CatEye CC-MC100W Automatic mode?
I really wish electronics manufactures would print detailed written instructions in a handful of languages instead of printing limited instructions along with those pictograms.

From reading the instructions, it seems that there is an automatic way to measure the wheel?

I have not bee able to figure out the automatic wheel circumference of the wheel. How do I make this work? I have the AT displayed next to the speed but how do I get it to measure?

How accurate is the automatic mode?

Bekologist 12-17-06 10:41 PM

I seriously doubt there is an automatic way to measure wheel size via a bicycling computer. that would require something quite more elaborate than a cycling computer provides.

which model IS that cateye? Mity? Enduro, micro wireless?

I think the pictogram you are referring to is you manually measuring the wheel size by marking the tire, running EXACTLY one revolution out on the floor, measure in cm, then entering that in the computer.

AT refers to auto TIMER, not tire.

spinnaker 12-18-06 05:23 PM

Sorry I guess it is the micro wireless.

And it just hit me what the AT mode is. I'll bet it is Auto Start.

Yeah I would think it would be impossible to measure the circumference other than to have you spin the wheel at a constant known rate.

Hey it was late when I wrote this and not thinking. :)

roadfix 12-18-06 05:30 PM

The Engrish in some of these manuals is often confusing...

spinnaker 12-18-06 07:32 PM

Mud Crap Pizza! ummmmmm tasty! :)

EricDJ 12-21-06 12:20 AM

Auto on that unit means when the wheel spins the sensor turns the unit on, turn it off and you have to turn the unit in before riding

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