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Vitamin_J 12-18-06 09:56 AM

Turning shorts into bibs...
I gave in went with a pair of bibs a week or so ago and am truly converted to the church of holy bibdom. Now, I have like 10 pairs of cycling shorts / leggings.

Is there a product on the market like an 'athletic suspender' that I can use to accomplish the same with my older gear?

seely 12-18-06 01:00 PM

No... a big part of the advantage of bibs is the lack of an elastic waist band. Adding suspenders would keep your shorts up better, but you'd still have that annoying waist band which to me eliminates about 90% of the reason to wear bibs. I have seen riders pin their base layer to their shorts though especially for cross races where you are hopping on and off the bike. For some reason, "athletic suspender" sounds like a new peice of male athletic protection.

Vitamin_J 12-18-06 01:24 PM

Good info. I agree. I have seen athletic suspenders or something that a hockey player may wear, but they look to bulky for cycling. Of course, this is an online photo so not sure of how they will work.

neilG 12-19-06 11:10 PM

I just use plain old clip-on suspenders. You'll hardly notice them. They'll rust out eventually but only cost 5 bucks or so.

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