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Kev 05-23-03 12:48 AM

I've bought a few multi-tools so far, last one chain tool broke on me, was using at home so not that big a deal. Had plastic lever that flipped down to hold onto.. Only problem I've had so far with this kit is the glue, it is small and most patch kits come with a larger one so does not fit very well, also has thing to strap it to your seatpost if you want, I just stuff it in my saddle bag.

tomkatz 05-23-03 01:33 AM


Originally posted by Inoplanetyanin
Did you ever own a Wal Mart bike. Did anything break. Did you compare it to another bike? Whatr broke???
You only speak from you believes, fears, and other p[eoples opinions (SALESMEN) that push it down buyer's throats.

You don't have any reasons, or rights to call Wal Mart bike a "throaway bike". At least you have not provided ANY information supporting your statement!

The first amendment to the constitution gives me the right to say pretty much whatever I want. You don't seem to understand that too well, but YOU say whatever you want, and I can't?

Like others have repeatedly said, I have known alot of folks riding crap bikes from these stores, I have tried to help them fix their POS, watched their frustration as they continually broke while my "horrible" bikeshop ride just keeps on going.

And finally, I was not even speaking to you, just commenting on a post that I thought made some good, valid points, once again, my right to speak freely. I have been riding bikes longer than you have been alive, and learned my lessons the hard way, just like you will.

Boy, I've seen some dead horses beaten in my time, but this one takes the cake!!!!

MediaCreations 05-23-03 01:50 AM

I think after so many replies this thread is dead. Everyone's had a chance to say their piece, some several times.

The only thing we've really established is that some like Walmart Bikes, some don't. Both sides have their reasons and are not prepared to give ground. End of story.

Thread closed.

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