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CrimsonEclipse 12-29-06 03:30 PM

2006 what did you accomplish?

Gee3 12-29-06 04:09 PM

I went from 178 to about 163 at one point this year after picking up cycling in Feb. (although I gained most of that back after moving back to Cali from TX 3 months ago...)

I also rode my first MS150 in Dallas in May after picking up my first road bike in Feb.

I completed the Hotter-n-Hell 100, my first century, this year.

Gained a huge appreciation for the sport of cycling after training for those two events above.

Learned de-hydration and cramps really suck while 2/3rd's of the way on a metric century!

Learned that sheer determination will get you through a ride even though you are cramping and dehydrated.

Also came up with my mantra of "I will not be beat" when approaching that last big @ss hill/bridge before the end of the MS150 ride to Ft. Worth.

N_C 12-29-06 04:28 PM

Rode in 2 states I had not ridden in before which goes toward my goal of riding in all 50 states in my lifetime. The 2 were Illinois & Hawaii. I certainly was not expecting to ride in Hawaii so soon when I created this goal at the 1st of the year. In May when we decided to go to Hawaii that changed.

I now have a total of 6 states to date I have ridden in. Next year will be Minnesota & Wisconsin.

C_Heath 12-29-06 04:32 PM

I lost 40 pounds and gained 10 back.

Hey, Im still up.


divergence 12-29-06 04:39 PM

Unprecedented levels of unverifiable productivity.

wheel 12-29-06 05:25 PM

I managed to piss a couple people off in Bike forums oops.
Burned 4800 miles
Bought a tour bike
Survived my first accident
First bicycle camping trip.
cycled 312 days

Nachoman 12-29-06 06:16 PM

every vacation I took I brought my bike.

spinnaker 12-29-06 07:01 PM

Originally Posted by C_heath
I lost 40 pounds and gained 10 back.

Hey, Im still up.


Lost 35lbs. and gained back 10lbs. Hey it's winter we have an excuse. :)

More than doubled my miles from last year. I should end up with 2000+ miles this year thanks to the mild weather.

Did my first bike tour. And first time in Europe (Italy).

Mr. Beanz 12-29-06 07:09 PM

I had an easy relaxing year on the bike with 4000 miles. BUT! I did get my wife back on the bike. She did over 3,000 miles. I bought her a new CF Pilot 5.2 and she rode 16 miles up GMR. Best year she's had in over 6 years!:D...6 grandkids and donated a kidney to her son a few years ago. But she's back on the bike now and kicking Butt!


Blackberry 12-29-06 07:18 PM

Went from back pain so bad that it forced me to drive a little electric shopping cart in the grocery store to riding two week-long bike tours.

Portis 12-29-06 07:19 PM

I passed the 20,000 mile mark, since starting riding in August of 03. Most of those were cruising on my mountain bikes on the unpaved, backroads of Kansas.

DataJunkie 12-29-06 08:19 PM

Dropped 30 lbs. Gained a few back. :p
Converted to clipless pedals.
Tossed my hybrid for a touring bike.
Started riding in heavy traffic.
Cycled around a good portion of the metro area.
Cycled over 9000 miles in one year for the first time.
Rode in the foothills, mountains, and along a few state highways \ roads.
Started performing my own maintenance. I replaced a broken spoke and trued a wheel for the first time.
Increased my commute to 45 miles RT daily. The next goal is the max distance of 56 daily.
Last but not least: spent way too much money on cycling clothes and gear. I doubt you could call that an accomplishment. :p

Machka 12-29-06 08:26 PM

-- Super Randonneur series
-- Century-A-Month
-- Most of the BMB
-- 7500 kms
-- Added Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New York, New Hamshire, Vermont to the US states I've cycled in ... in my on-going goal to ride in all the Canadian provinces, all the Australian states, all the US states, and as many other countries as I can. (That brings me to 5 Canadian provinces, 4 Australian states and 1 territory, 21 US states, and 2 other countries)
-- One short tour
-- Explored many more of the paved roads around here
-- Created a local 300K brevet route which has been officially added to the Randonneuring schedule
-- Lost 18 lbs
-- Finished second year of Bachelor of Education on honor roll

-- And broke all sorts of personal bests on the UMCA 24-hour TT ... that ride was the highlight of my cycling season! :)

here and there 12-29-06 08:35 PM

I bought 2 bikes.
I rode 2,412 miles.
I kept my weight below 190 most of the year...though the holidays/being off the bike due to injury have resulted in me creeping back up into the 190s.
I learned the basic maintenance stuff. I still want to learn how to true wheels.
I had a hell of a lot of fun.

tsl 12-29-06 08:39 PM

Broke a 35 year stretch of not owning a bike by buying one in March.

Went from having to stop and rest during the half-mile ride home from the LBS that first day, to having to stop and rest every 20 miles or so.

Went from being on a first-name basis with bus drivers to not having been on a bus in about six months now.

Rode nearly 3,000 miles in my first 9 months.

Monoborracho 12-29-06 10:10 PM

I did 1400 miles and one tour before June, when I had surgery for a torn rotator cuff (endo in 11/05 on my mountain bike). Surgery didn't take and had to do it again, even worse. Rehabbing along here and will end the year with 1600 miles or so.

Bekologist 12-29-06 11:26 PM

drove to work only one day this year, and it was to bring a bike frame down to the shop and some wheels home.

Got a dream job for slave wages, (still a kid in heart and mind as I approach middle age), working the parts counter at a well-respected family run bike shop. helping others negotiate bike components and equipment and empowering people to enjoy their rides, enjoy their riding.

Taught more than a few people how to change flats.

did a lot of bike touring, about 3,500 miles on weekend/long weekend tours alone, not counting my commute miles.

And the biggest accomplishment, made it this far thru 2006!

cc_rider 12-30-06 11:23 AM

Goals met
First ride over the Brooklyn Bridge and around Prospect Park.
First ride around Central Park that wasn't part of BNY5B.
First time riding all the way up Hog Back Mountain. A month later I did it twice in the same day.
First time on the DC 50 States Ride.
First time I rode all the way to the York end of the North Central/York Heritage Trail.
Sixth Baltimore Tour Du Port and second year I made it twice around the route.
Fourth Bike New York.
1800 mile year (by the end of today)
Bought my first bike computer.

Goals missed:
My first century.
The entire Greenway around Manhattan.
W&OD end-to-end r/t
DC to Baltimore r/t

velonomad 12-30-06 11:43 AM

This has been of year of no accomplishment in cycling for me

I went from being told I may have inoperable cancer in January to having a cyst removed from my bladder that wasn't cancerous in July.

I gained 40 lbs and lost 20

2006 was the least mileage I have ever ridden in 30 years (1183 miles)

eubi 12-30-06 12:03 PM

Took 20 Scouts and a couple of parents 1,585 man-miles on the way to earn Cycling Merit Badge.

Bought a folder and experimented with the joys of mixed-mode commuting.

Cut my annual automobile driving mileage from 15,000 to 5,120. I did not change jobs. :D

bspurrie 12-30-06 02:42 PM

Lost 30 lbs and gained back 5.

Bought a road bike and then MTB.

Completed an Oly and a tri between an oly and sprint

Got totally hooked on cycling!!!

supcom 12-30-06 09:21 PM

41 centuries, including three double centuries and one triple century.
8000+ total miles.
Ultracycling Century-a-Month Year Rounder Gold status.

SteveE 12-30-06 09:47 PM

In a little over 28 hours I'll have made it to another year. ( *knocks on wood* )

Machka 12-30-06 10:05 PM

Oh, one other thing I accomplished ... which had slipped my mind until I looked at some photos yesterday ... I climbed my nemesis mountain!!

This was a climb which I have attempted a few times, but which I had never been able to get up without getting off and walking part way along.

This past summer .... I cycled all the way up!! :D

frankieN 12-31-06 11:17 AM

Bought a tandem. Went to the Final Four in Indianapolis and found time to rent a bike and ride a few days. Finally rode my bike from Tampa, Fla to Gainesville, Fla to watch the Gators chomp on the Buckeyes in college basketball. Got 2 frineds into riding.

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