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MAK 12-29-06 08:07 PM

If you wear a J & G Yellowjacket...
may I ask a favor. I am trying to decide whether to buy an XL or 2XL. My chest measures 48" and the size chart says the XL is 46-49" so I am within that range, but, I want to have some space for winter layering. The 2XL says 50-53" and that is likely huge.

The favor...If you own an XL or a 2XL, could you please zip it and lay it out flat. Then could you please measure across the front from arm pit to arm pit and let me know the width. I can then compare it to the jacket I am currently using to approximate size.

Thank you. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

jimblairo 12-29-06 09:02 PM

I have a 2XL and if I measure across the jacket when laid flat it is 26". The point of measurment is the flap on the front just below the arm pits. I'm 6'6" and 230 lbs with a 48" chest and I can wear lots under it.

spinnaker 12-29-06 11:20 PM

I have their pants and I can tell you that you want to buy them bigger than the chart says. Mine fit but are a little tight when swinging my leg up over the bike.

chipcom 12-30-06 10:00 AM

48" chest, XL jacket, able to wear 3 layers underneath just fine.

MAK 12-30-06 04:24 PM

Thank you Spinnaker and Chipcom (again).

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