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AGGRO 01-15-07 12:34 PM

where to buy bulb replacements
Ok, where does everyone buy their replacement MR11 and MR16 bulbs? Home Dump only has the flood I want the spot! Any other spots?

alanbikehouston 01-15-07 05:06 PM

Check with the guys in the commuting forum. Several of them build their own lighting systems and have some ideas about bulbs. I get my bulbs from the company that makes the light. In my experience, "hardware store" bulbs may have fit or performance problems, even when they seem to be the exact same bulb.

phred000 01-16-07 08:55 AM

I just ordered some from (haven't received them yet, I think others have had luck with them). I think I've also seen mentioned. (Downside is that these places will charge you $6-8 shipping per order.)

cyccommute 01-16-07 09:35 AM

Battery Space. Shipping is expensive so order more than one.

AGGRO 01-17-07 01:48 PM

Still cheaper than direct replacements. Thanks! I'll post up in commuter too.

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