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linux_author 01-16-07 06:13 AM

1,082 miles in 85 hours going nowhere!
- new spinning record:

thdave 01-16-07 03:45 PM

Originally Posted by linux_author

Silly hampsters...:) Looks like his dad should try a go at it!:D

BluesDawg 01-16-07 04:07 PM

Zero miles.

Nermal 01-16-07 09:17 PM

Exactly right, BluesDawg.

CTAC 01-17-07 11:29 AM

Some 300 spectators watched Mr. Hood, 49, a native of Indiana, Pa., burn the last of his 27,854 calories and declare, "Mission accomplished."
That guy has incredible sense of humor :roflmao:

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