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powerhouse 01-24-07 07:13 PM

Pannier Problems: Aftermath
Hello, Everyone.

When last you heard from me on this subject, I told you that the Trek Deluxe Rear Trunk Bag was coming apart near the zippers after many years of use and much punnishment. I took it to a nearby tailor who, was able to make temporary repairs for a reasonable price. Meanwhile, I looked all over Southern Maine in various bike shops but they didn't have the type of pannier I wanted. Thus I appealed to you for your suggestions and advice in a replacement pannier.

Meanwhile, my parents went to a bike shop owner I once did business with. As luck would have it, he was able to order the newer version of the same type of pannier that I had recently repaired. While I will be using my new pannier, I will keep the repaired one in reserve and remember the tailor's advice: DON'T PUT TOO MANY THINGS IN THE COMPARTMENTS! I'm guilty of that.

Thank you for your suggestions and advice. You've been very helpful.


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