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Brusheda 01-25-07 05:52 PM

Help w/ co2 inflator
I got my first inflator (planet bike red zeppelin) today. I did a test run at home per instructions
I must have done something wrong.
It seemed like as soon as I screwed on the cartridge air started leaking out, even though the nozzle was closed. I screwed it onto my tire. At first it seemed like it was working, my tire pressure went up, but the whole time it felt like air was leaking out of the inflator somewhere. The tire pressure then started to go back down. Has this happened to any one else? what could I have done wrong?

twahl 01-25-07 06:38 PM

Originally Posted by Brusheda
what could I have done wrong?

Bought a CO2 inflator?

Sorry, I just don't get it. Those little cartridge things? They run out of compressed gas. A frame pump doesn't. For me, case closed.

Mariner Fan 01-25-07 06:44 PM

Try another bottle. Sounds like you just need a bit of practice.

Nermal 01-25-07 07:27 PM

I don't know. I have one (Second Wind inflator/pump) that has a little lever on the side opposite the nozzle that must be lifted before it will work. Is it anything like that? Did you have the cartridge screwed all the way in? That could cause a CO2 leak, and possibly let air back out of the tire if you have a schrader valve.

dekindy 01-25-07 08:33 PM

I have not used mine yet but saw another novice use his on the road. He put two consecutive cartridges in and stopped screwing them in when they began leaking gas. Neither one could be used because all the gas leaked out. Luckily there were plenty of cyclists in the group with cartridges and a veteran that knew how to use them. He screwed the cartridge on quickly without stopping and only a little gas escaped. He then inflated the tire.

It is a good idea to at least have a small pump to start inflating the tire enough to check all the way around both sides for a pinched tube. It is very difficult to put just a little air in using the inflator. My buddy has a small pump that he can also attach a cartridge to. I cannot remember the brand but it was an entire flat repair package-pump, inflator, cartridges, patch kit, tools, etc.

Smart to try it at home. If I had been out on the road without a veteran to show me the ropes I would probably have made the same mistake.

slvoid 01-25-07 08:43 PM

Could it be your model is actually controlled by twisting the cartridge instead of a lever in the head?

I have a 2nd wind model that is actually slightly bigger than a CO2 inflator but combines a pump too for backup, best of both worlds.

Big_knob 01-26-07 01:49 AM

It is best to let the air transfer into tube slowly from cartridge. I noticed that pdf didn't mention that.

slvoid 01-26-07 05:52 AM

Oh btw, always use the CO2 cartridge upright, otherwise you have extremely cold liquid CO2 going into your tube...

AndrewP 01-26-07 10:10 AM

It sounds like you didnt have a good seal between the inflator and the schrader valve. The inflator holds the valve open, so when the cartridge was exhausted it allowed the gas to flow back from the tire and through the bad connection. Either you didnt have it fully screwed down onto the valve or the inflator is missing a rubber washer inside its chuck.

Surferbruce 01-26-07 10:45 AM

skip the co2 and get a decent pump like the topeak morph.

cyccommute 01-26-07 12:16 PM

Originally Posted by slvoid
Oh btw, always use the CO2 cartridge upright, otherwise you have extremely cold liquid CO2 going into your tube...

First, the CO2 will flash to gas as soon as it passes the venturi of the valve head. You can't have liquid CO2 at ambient pressures and temperatures. You are also going to have extremely cold CO2 flowing into the tube no matter how you hold the cartridge. Since the gas in the canister is under pressure and you are releasing that pressure at a pretty high rate, the gas will under go a Joule-Thomson expansion and is going to get very cold anyway. It's probably not a good idea to have bare skin in contact with the cartridge because it going to get very cold.

CastIron 01-26-07 03:28 PM

I have two of these inflaters. With the valve OFF you need to screw the cartridge fully onto the valve body. Doing so pierces the cartridge and seals it to the valve body. You then use the knob to slowly open the valve and flow as much air as your wish.

geraldatwork 01-26-07 03:38 PM

See if this helps, a short movie. this is the exact same inflater I have and it works great. The only suggestion I would make is to screw the nozzle to the valve stem in first before screwing the cannister into the device.

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