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redorchestra 02-06-07 09:45 AM

nicest frame on a non-folding 20 inch
I live in South Korea, and these 20 inch wheels seem to be the new thing with 20 somethings.
I think they look so cool.
I have neverr test rode one yet, but what do you think, which one has the nicest lines, best geometry, which would be the best ride?
I think they are all made in china, so about the same quality.

redorchestra 02-06-07 06:11 PM

Yeah #2 is a slick looking frame! I agree.
I am personally stuck between #2 and # 4
Both by the same company!
My only aprehension with these two frame styles is they both have the same design, which doesn't appear to be the strongest engineering.
What do you think about the frame strength of these styles, they obviously differ from the typical bicycle design?

staehpj1 02-06-07 06:37 PM

I would like one that allowed full size road bike riding position, but with small wheels. Anything like that exist?

GeoKrpan 02-06-07 08:06 PM

#2, the Globe looks good. But, I see a problem. I don't think I would be able to get the handlebar as low as I would like it. Is there another model in their lineup?

redorchestra 02-08-07 05:33 AM


Originally Posted by staehpj1
I would like one that allowed full size road bike riding position, but with small wheels. Anything like that exist?

This is the closest I can find in Korea. Even their 26" wheel frames make it hard for anyone over 5'7" to get full leg extension. I am going to get a over length seat post and see what I can do!

I have seen most of them on the street, and for Koreans they are a full size bike with undersized tires.

Of course most casual riders here have their seat so low, they knock their knees into their chin!

redorchestra 02-08-07 05:42 AM

If anyone is interested here is the websites of the manufacturer. You can see what else is in their lineup.

# 1 and # 2
# 3 and # 4

CHenry 02-08-07 07:12 PM

Lots of 20 in bikes from Kuwahara, but I don't think they're exported.

I like the tourer-porteur, #3.

redorchestra 02-10-07 07:42 PM

That Gaap lite bike is possibly the UGLIEST looking bike this side of a Pederson. I LIKE IT!!!! although I don't like suspension.
It reminds me of the giraffe rabbit thing, from the movie "The Dark Crystal"

staehpj1 02-11-07 09:11 AM


Originally Posted by CrimsonEclipse

It looks like it might be hard to get the bars lower than the saddle depending on your height. Seems like the head tube is longer and higher than necessary. It might or might not be a good fit depending on the individual. Has anyone who rides a 54 cm road bike tried one of these and care to comment.

redorchestra 03-25-07 01:51 AM

well I decided! tried a few out and i chose # 6 none of the Above

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