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olponts 02-07-07 06:56 AM

Help Me!
I am a new member, I joined for the specfic reason of trying to get information on buying a bicycle in Iraq!

I have been introduced to a U.S. Army Chaplain. The bicycle that he had been riding from his hooch to his office and chapel has finially given up the ghost, and now he is on foot.

My hope for posting here is to get a lead from someone with knowledge about 2 wheel transportation in Iraq.

DHL will deliever, but at a cost of about $1800.

If you can help me please contact me at: [email protected]

Ol' Ponts

apclassic9 02-07-07 12:06 PM

Go to the PX & order.

apclassic9 02-07-07 12:12 PM

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