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bikex10 02-11-07 03:08 PM

I would like some input on what to buy when it comes to headlights. I really do not want to spend over $100.00 for it.I like the run time on the LED's but from what I have read they have limited range. I want something with a helmet mount, and rechargable.

Portis 02-11-07 03:48 PM

Your best bet is halogen for that price. I have a couple sets of cygolite but if i were to do it again i would go with these. I have seen them in person and they are of very good quality. The switch is a very nice feature, as well as the extra bulb.

Plus they will put out a LOT of light for the money.

Tmax1 02-11-07 05:18 PM

Try the DiNotte 5W LED. Bright, ok run time, high/low beam, helment/ bar mount, about 150.

FlatFender 02-11-07 11:00 PM

I just built one of these:

If you are handy, its a breeze. Ive got about $60 into it, and just about enough parts to build another.

Ken Wind 02-12-07 12:17 AM

Is the light for commuting, or will you be riding trails at night?

I agree with Portis about halogen being the best for the cheapest, but if you are willing to spend more money, an LED light would be more reliable. LED lights have a more neutral light color than halogen and they are more durable, but you can get a more powerful halogen light for the same price as an LED light.

stapfam 02-12-07 01:49 AM

1 Attachment(s)
It does depend on the type of riding you do. Do you want to see or be seen? Just to be seen- The Cateye EL300 is a good lamp, although if it is in well lit areas- I would prefer a flashing mode as this attracts attention better such as the EL410. These lights are just about ok as Backup up lights for more serious riding to supplement a better light.

Within your price- you should look at the Halogen lamps. If you want to see with them- go for a power in excess of 10w though and preferably a twin lamp with spot and flood. Battery life is another consideration so look at your riding and don't get a 2 hour battery if you are out for 3 hours at a time.

On the helmet lamps=I got a good enough one from a walking/ outdoor shop. Lots of types about but take your helmet to see if it will fit. Attachment shows the helmet lamp I use and the twin halogen is one I used last year and a link is to that one. The halogen was just about good enough to use offroad.

twiz 02-12-07 09:46 PM

I use one of those little frog lights ( It's just an LED that blinks and it's only 10 bucks

Barabaika 02-13-07 11:50 AM

I think a 1 watt LED headlight is the best value now. It runs for long time and the light is rather powerful for the lighted streets. Performance sells one that has rechargable batteries.

Planet Bike Super Spot 1 Watt LED Headlight for $29.
If you want more light, you can buy 2. It'll be 8 batteries for 30 hours.

Portis 02-13-07 12:04 PM

The only real downside to halogen is run time. But even that isn't an issue if your ride in the dark is short enough, or if you are riding in an area where one bulb is sufficient for lighting.

flipped4bikes 02-13-07 12:22 PM

Planet Bike Alias, $75 at Nashbar...

oilfreeandhappy 02-13-07 01:24 PM

I'd spend a few more dollars, and get something rechargeable (ie NiMH batteries). It'll save you in the long run, as you won't have to purchase a bunch of disposable batteries.

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