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BigDaddyPete 02-12-07 05:09 PM

Trail a bike question
Does anyone know if any company makes a trail a bike that can become a real bike when we get to the park? It just seems to make more sense to me that way, but I haven't found anything.

Michel Gagnon 02-12-07 08:25 PM

There is something a bit different, the Trail Gator.

It is a very popular product around here, however I find it rather expensive: something like 90 $ vs 200 - 250 $ for a full Trail-a-Bike. It is good in that the child can use their bike on their own, but that's the only advantage of the system. Now for the short list of drawbacks:

Moderately to very wobbly. A weak point is the attachment of the bracket to the head tube of the child bike. It works better on some bikes than on others, and I have often seen kids riding tilted 20-30 degrees off axis. When the kid swings from one side to the other, the tractor bike swerves a great deal. To me, that was the single most important drawback of this method.

Bike handling is limited by the quality of the little bike. My children practiced on relatively cheap bikes with 14 and 16 inch wheels. They were ok for rides that were 4-5 km long, but I don't think the child or the bike would have survived 80 or 100 km day rides. No problem with the "real" trailercycle.

When you raise the front wheel of the child's bike, you should tilt the saddle down accordingly, otherwise the child will get a sore rear end very quickly.

Rev.Chuck 02-12-07 09:57 PM

First, if it is "wobbly" it is because the person that installed it should not be touching tools. You install it right, it works right.

Sure, you install it on a crappy bike, the bike might not hold up, the gator will still be ready for the next bike. This is not the fault of the trail-gator. If you are doing 90 klick rides with a kid that fits a 16" you should have a Comotion Periscope

It does pick the front wheel up a fair amount, so there could be some seat tilt issues.

However, can you and yours ride a trail-a-bike to the park and then let your kid ride around on his own,... NOPE. That is the big advantage of the trail-gator.

Nachoman 02-12-07 10:56 PM

The trail gator isn't in the same league as the co-motion periscope.

Michel Gagnon 02-13-07 11:18 PM

Rev. Chuck,

Just to be clear, I saw the Trail-Gator quite often but never actually bought one. I did one tour with my daughter on an Addams Trail-a-Bike and have done four or five with the Burley Piccolo (I have two daughters).

apclassic9 02-14-07 07:37 AM

There are a couple of threads on this topic in Recreational & Family Forum - do a search.

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