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swyant 02-13-07 07:47 PM

Would This Work?
I am trying to tweak my Trek Pilot fittings to get more weight off my hands. I am wondering if this would work with my steertube on the Trek Pilot 1.0?

Thanks in advance!

DieselDan 02-13-07 07:57 PM

We did this not that long ago....

Tip the nose of your saddle up a bit.

swyant 02-13-07 08:03 PM

I tried the saddle thing already. I spent a couple of hours last night on the trainer trying different combinations of fore/aft and tilt adjustments. Having the seat tilted slightly nose-up helps, but any more than slightly up and you get into problems with not having enough room for certain sensitive body parts. Hence, the idea of raising the bars.

I guess my main question is, will the riser in my REI link fit onto the threadless steer tube on the Trek Pilot 1.0?

aikigreg 02-14-07 08:02 AM

I have a pilot, and pulled the brake hoods a little more towards my body. It hasn't really affected my performance, and made all the difference in the world comfort-wise.

Mariner Fan 02-14-07 08:18 AM

Wouldn't a longer stem with more rise be a better option?

phoebeisis 02-14-07 08:29 AM

Yes, if 1 1/8
Yes it will work if your Trek is the usual 1 1/8" steering tube(which 99.9% of newish bike are). I use that very extension.
The difference will be night and day, comfort wise.You will have more weight on you butt, less weight on your hands, and your neck will really thank you for it.
You will probably have to change out your cables and housings-unless they are really long.Just the 1st run of housing will have to be changed of course. You can save some $$ by checking to see if your rear housing/cable can now be used for the front.The cable will be long enough of course, but the housing-maybe, maybe not-depends on how the original routing was.

DieselDan 02-14-07 08:53 PM

Ritchey has an adjustable stem to tune your bars better:

swyant 02-16-07 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by DieselDan
Ritchey has an adjustable stem to tune your bars better:

Hey, this looks pretty cool! Thanks!

DieselDan 02-16-07 01:11 PM


Originally Posted by swyant
Hey, this looks pretty cool! Thanks!

That stem does have a 25.8 bar clamp for road handlebars.

Allen 02-16-07 01:52 PM

Here is that stem in use.

stapfam 02-16-07 02:17 PM

Had a similar problem on my road bike when I bought it and I found a LONGER stem(Contrary to the norm) but with a higher rise worked for me. That Adjustable should work though and it will at least give you a height to work to and with luck- also the reach.

GeoKrpan 02-16-07 06:59 PM

The Delta stem riser will work. As another commentor said, you might have to install longer cable housings.
I've had no problems using 25.4 mountain stems with 26.0 road bike handlebars except for Thomsen stems. The Thomsen stems are very precisely made.
I would think that you could find adjustable stems in the 26.0 size.

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