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replay 02-15-07 09:26 AM

Giant Revive - what type of bike rack?
I need to know if the Revive can fit a regular bike rack.

I need to be able to carry two bikes - a Revive and a regular bike. I have a Maxima and would be willing to have a hitch installed.

I would appreciate any insight!

replay :)

Rev.Chuck 02-15-07 10:03 AM

You need to use a rack that holds the bike by the wheels like a Saris Cycleon. There are some others that are cheaper and they all need a reciever hitch.

replay 02-15-07 01:00 PM

That does seem like the best option. I am new to this and want to avoid making the wrong type of purchase.

I see where Giant makes a special trunk mount rack especially for the Revive, but I didn't want putting another type of bike on it difficult. It is hard to tell these types of things from pictues.

I like the idea of the tray or cradle type. Thanks for replying!

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