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damnable 02-17-07 04:21 AM

Another sizing question
I am after an idea of the right size mountain bike and road bike for me. I know it will depend on peronsal preference and feel but I am just after an around about size that I should start looking for. I am looking for a second hand bike, so I can't try a range. So, I am 168-170cm tall. What size should I start looking at.

I notice that MTBs tend to be sized in imperial (inches) whereas road bikes are in metric (centimetres), is it just a matter of converting the values, or are they measured differently?


RonH 02-17-07 08:00 AM

Do you have any friends with mountain or road bikes? See if one seems to "fit" you. Ask them for opinions.

East Hill 02-17-07 01:16 PM

It seems as if mountain bikes are measured in inches, and advertised as small, medium, large, extra large frames, rather than in finer increments (44, 46, 48 cm etc.) as with road bikes. It would appear from your height that you would want to look at either small or medium frames (probably more like medium). As Ron said, see if any friends will let you try out their bike, but failing that, I would probably start looking at medium size frames.

East Hill

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