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ken cummings 02-17-07 09:26 AM

Any rowing type "bikes" out there?
I found a site this AM for what I call a row bike. That is, almost anything except standard pedalling. This one from the Sherer company was a recumbent tadpole trike with two vertical arms/levers sticking up from the frame. the rider would push alternately on the levers with the motions converted to rotary torque for the rear wheel. Saw another a decade ago in So Cal with full torso rowing action, fized feet, sliding seat and all. She (the rider) said it gave her an excellent workout. It steered with a flexible link in the main frame beam. Any one out there have one? And can post pictures? Comments? Efficiency? Style?

PCS2 02-17-07 09:30 AM

hey, don't know much about them, but I know there have been a few threads....

there are a few more, including a link to a specific manufacturer is you search.

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