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Brueg 02-19-07 08:06 PM

Serfas Wireless computer, Not recommended
I've only put about 100 miles on it, but I've had a speedo prob on all three rides. Cadence has worked fine. It was originally installed at the LBS. He told me they were new and to let him know how it worked. 50$. Yesterday I remounted the sender higher on the fork with a little silicone on it to help hold it in place. Made sure the magnet was in the sweet spot. Had some extra time so I made a plastic piece to mount it behind the handlebar. If it gives me a problem Friday it's going back to the LBS and if it works perfect for the next few rides I'll post an update.

East Hill 02-20-07 02:59 PM

Yes, keep us informed.

East Hill

supersandy 02-20-07 07:49 PM

i have the same new computer on my bianchi.only 40 miles logged on first ride with it so far. everything worked fine, but do not like the sleeping mode. it seems to fall asleep at any stop.will say it is simple to operate compared to high end cateye on my cannondale.

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