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johnism 02-20-07 07:55 PM

help in learning
what is the best way to learn how to use shift/levers ...right for rear , left for front .
the inside smaller lever is to....
thanks for the help,

salsa 02-20-07 08:43 PM

the best way to learn how to use shift/levers (brifters) is just to ride your bike a play with them and you will learn

East Hill 02-23-07 07:19 AM

Wait until you decide you need a vintage road bike with downtube or stem shifters! It takes me about a minute to get used to the brifters on my modern road bike after I've ridden nothing but my steel bikes for a few days.

But in regard to your OP--what salsa said ^^^^.

East Hill

race newbie 02-24-07 03:49 AM

This will sound stupid but when I first got my bike I just thought of it this way- you push the big ones the direction you want the chain to move, opposite on the small ones. And right big and left little make it easier, which was usually my concern when first learning!

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