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Japhy 02-21-07 09:35 AM

Oakley Half Jackets
Howdy folks -

Anyone have experience with Oakley Half Jacket Sunglasses? I cannot wear contacts and don't want eye surgery. I'm wondering if they offer sufficient wrap around to keep my eyes watering on fast decents.


Gee3 02-21-07 06:00 PM

I like my half jckets and I haven't noticed any watery eyes with them on. Or maybe I'm just too slow...

I had lasik and have dry eyes anyway so the wind tends to be a problem, but with drying out. so I'd say that if my Oakleys are good enough to keep the wind from hitting my eyes to dry them out, they should be good enough to block the wind from getting your eyes all watery.

Plus, I have a smallish face and the half jackets seemed to fit the best.

good luck!

shakeNbake 02-22-07 12:09 AM

If you have a bigger face, try the Smith Reactor Max. They have a larger coverage.

SemperFi 02-25-07 01:51 PM

I have the Half Jackets and think they're watery eyes, or sand or grit. They do the job for me.

PaMTBRider 02-26-07 11:47 AM

Go with the half jacket XLJ lense. They offer more coverage

SemperFi 02-26-07 05:47 PM


Originally Posted by PaMTBRider
Go with the half jacket XLJ lense. They offer more coverage

Those are the one's I have...better coverage and more stylish.

womble 02-26-07 09:00 PM

I've found that half jackets have really big, protruding arms which can get in the way of a helmet.

Angus 02-26-07 10:10 PM

I have 'em with prescription lenses and think they're great. I'd buy another pair if I lost or broke these.

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