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jbarros 02-21-07 10:46 AM

long sleves for warm weather?
Hi Everyone,

I live in LA where it never really gets that cold. However, it does get sunny, and I like to avoid suntan lotion as much as possible. I don't like the smell/feel/etc. I do however require sun protection.

To this ends I was looking at picking up a long sleaved jersey, but when I looked, it seemed as if they are all (understandably) for cold weather riding.

Can anyone point me at a good long sleaved jersey for warm weather riding?

Thanks :)

-- James

zonatandem 02-21-07 10:51 AM

James, you do not need to buy longsleeved jerseys. Buy a pair of light arm warmers instead; can be worn with any ss jersey. Most arm warmers are black, but search around a bit, colors are available.

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