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Brown Bear 03-15-07 10:16 AM

Cateye Micro Wireless CC-MC 100W [Time Set]
Hello Fellow Cyclists,

I've serched the forums (and the Cateye tech support website) but can't find "clear" instructions on how to set the correct time for my computer (model listed in the thread title). With Daylight Saving Time having just occured, my clock is one hour off. Any simple, real-world help is appreciated. Yes, I've got the manual, and can see the menu flow, but I'm still not doing something right. There's got to be a simple way to just change the time without affecting all the other functions. I'm not the most techy guy, so go easy on me.

Thanks a bunch,
Jack :)

Ymmie 03-15-07 12:23 PM

I believe you use the Menu button to scroll thru the functions then press the Start button to select the function be adjusted and use the Mode button to actually adjust it. Either that or Mode to select and Start to adjust.

Brown Bear 03-15-07 07:46 PM

It's Done!
Hi Yimmie,

Wow, that was too easy. My time is now set so that we all can save more energy -- supposedly. Now, if only the government would give those who ride bicycles to work a tax credit, you can bet more Americans might consider that alternative.

Thanks again for the "clear" and easy to understand tip,
Jack :D

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