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N_C 05-22-03 03:32 PM

Planning on lots of riding this wekend.
Starting tomorrow I plan on putting on lots of miles, no less then 35 a day. With one day being a century. Don't know if I want to do that Sun. or Mon.

How about the rest of you? What are your riding plans for the holiday weeekend?

pletcgm 05-22-03 03:58 PM

Right now, I am carb loading for Sunday. I am doing a 75 - 100 mile ride that day. Can't wait!!! :cool:

Tarantula 05-22-03 04:07 PM

I am taking the "Geezer" group over a lot of small rollers to an old mission on Fort Hunter Liggett (sp?). Good group. Very sociable. Lots of stories (what else do Geezers do?
It will be a kick.

ZackJones 05-22-03 04:42 PM

Donna and I are doing a 25 mile ride on Saturday. I'll probably do another 25 or 30 on Sunday.

Guest 05-22-03 05:16 PM

Not a lot-

I'm just getting back from my ankle injury, so I'm going to skip riding on Friday. Saturday, I'll try and do some light mileage- like 15 miles, and Sunday, I'll probably do 20 miles. I want to start back easy so I can avoid reaggrevating my ankle.


kitsilano1967 05-22-03 05:53 PM

We celebrated our long weekend , Victoria Day( Canada only), last week and I enjoyed a 57km ride on Saturday and 120km on the holiday Monday. This weekend, I am planning a repeat since I enjoyed it so much. The 120km includes lots of hilly roads and a 13km climb up to a local ski area called Cypress Bowl. It was a bit trying up the last few pitches but I felt great coming back down at 65km per hour. What a rush! Hopefully the rains will stop before Saturday. Enjoy your Memorial day weekend.

slotibartfast 05-22-03 06:12 PM

I have to work all weekend. Night shifts. Maybe get in short 10 milers in the AM::cry:

PrimalQ 05-22-03 07:34 PM

my plan is 40 Mile group ride on Saturday, 25 on Sunday. and then 50 or 60 on Monday. Supposedly it will be dry all weekend so I'm taking advantage of it....

RWTD 05-22-03 08:05 PM

I plan on doing alot of riding even if the Fl. June rain monsoons appear to have started a week early this year.At least one 140 mile day though I might break it up with two 70-80 ish days if I decide to camp and do some hiking etc.Riding in the rain can be a relief around here but I must be a fool to start planning camping excurtions right when the heat/bugs/rain really start getting bad.In any event as always I will remain flexible and just do what I feel like on the spur of the moment.

smelly 05-22-03 09:46 PM


Originally posted by pletcgm
Right now, I am carb loading for Sunday. I am doing a 75 - 100 mile ride that day. Can't wait!!! :cool:

Thats great...............:rolleyes:

Chris L 05-23-03 04:58 AM

My holiday weekend is in two weeks time. I'm planning a nice three day tour somewhere. I haven't selected a route yet, however.

N_C 05-23-03 08:56 AM

A slight change of plans. I'm only riding 20 miles tonight instead of 35. Gotta get my hair cut and won't any other time to get it done this weekend. But tomorrow, Sun. & Mon. lots of riding.

Toothpick 05-23-03 10:34 AM

Weather permitting, I plan on riding between 50 and 60 miles in the morning (Sat.), then around 20 on Sunday afternoon and 15 or so on Monday taking my son to and between parks unless my wife is agreeable to me going for a longer ride Monday morning.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend!

MikeR 05-23-03 10:48 AM

Weather forecast for this weekend is rain, rain, rain.

I'll ride in the rain (heck last march I was GLAD to get rain on my rides instead of snow) I just wish for the beginning of summer the weather would be sunny.

Sunday is supposed to be the "nicest" day. Less chance of rain. I hope to do 50 miles on Sunday. It’s ok if it rains on Saturday - many family obligations will keep me in the car all day L

If Monday cooperates I should be able to get 30 miles in before I have to start my chores around the yard.

Soon I have to set up a “bikin weekend” where I take the whole dang thing off and ride ride ride! This weekends too wet for that anyway.

Paul L. 05-23-03 11:02 AM

I am hoping to do a group ride on Saturday, and a century on Monday if I can. My century will probably be pretty early though as 100 miles at 100 degrees plus does not appeal to me.

N_C 05-23-03 01:57 PM

Gosh darn it! Another change of plans. Not going to ride tonight. So I'll just have to tack on an extra 20 miles or so to my rides over the weekend.

I'll post my planned miles per day for Sat., Sun. & Mon. later tonight.

mnppunky 05-23-03 02:44 PM

Hey n-c , start cutting your own hair like I do! GET YOURSELF A SET OF $40.00 clippers and you can look like Marco Pantani.

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