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Inoplanetyanin 05-24-03 11:22 PM

Lessons learned about touring bike
Hi, thought it was a nice article, maybe it might help somebody else.
Scroll down to "LESSONS" section.

detrieux 05-25-03 04:46 AM

Thanks for the post. Interesting read.

cycletourist 05-25-03 08:11 AM

Hey, thanks for the link. I'll go have a look.

FFinestTrekie 05-25-03 08:38 AM

Very good read, thanks for posting it. He sounds like quite a good rider, especially considering he's pushing 55 lbs up those mountains!

Guest 05-25-03 02:13 PM

A good read, although I didn't have a true touring bike when I was riding in Italy, but I still made it in one piece... the smart thing to do when considering a tour is to do research on different types of bikes you're considering and talk to someone who knows about different types of bikes and can recommend a bike that will work for you.

My only regret- I didn't have a stronger rim, and as soon as I got back, the rim on my rear wheel broke. Now, I have a more expensive rim, and no problems at all.

Inoplanetyanin 05-25-03 05:53 PM

You are welcome, my pleasure.
I also was thinking that the guy could have taken a spare hub with set of spokes and bearings and simply rebuild it, instead of going back to Chicago.
Yeah, this author is a very intellegent person and his whole site is very interesting and inspiring.

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