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N_C 05-25-03 12:16 PM

Could not ride yesterday, today's ride will be a shorter route.
Yesterday it rained or was to cold for me to ride.

Today I started on my 85 to 90 mile ride, about a quarter mile from home I wrecked. First one of the year, hopefully the last.

I took a corner a little to fast to beat the light before it turned red. My recumbent fish tailed a little as a result. When regaining control I was heading toward the curb and a water puddle left over from yesterdays rain. Hit the puddle fish tailed again and went down, slid on curb for about 2 feet or so.

Most of me and the bike ended up on the grassy area between the curb and the street. Front chain rings, right pedal, right shoe & right end of handle bar were full of or covered in grass and dirt.

When I checked the bike out I found that the front wheel has a little hop in it, so it should be re-trued. Rear wheel has a bigger hop in it so it has to be re-trued. Everything else is fine.

Walked back home. Now I'm waiting for wife to get ready so we can go to the only open bike shop in town to have the wheels trued. So I can ride today.

My route will more then likely be around 30 to 40 miles versus 80 to 90 like originally planned.

But tomorrow I'm still planning on doing my first century of the year.

Oh I'm fine, no damage to me this time.

Wish me luck.


Guest 05-25-03 01:36 PM

Good luck!

But sounds like you're a warrior.

I have every reason to believe you'll be 100% ok today on your ride.

Let us know how the ride was when you get back tonight!


N_C 05-25-03 02:27 PM

Thanks koffee. But not going to ride today.

When I stated I am fine I spoke to soon. The adreneline wore off and now my head, neck and upper back are really sore. So I'll take some ibuprofen use ben-gay, or aspercreme and maybe even a heat pad so I can ride tomorrow.

But right now I have a huge head ache from muscle tighteness in my upper back.

But you know what? I have a lot of stubborn pride. Because of that I'm going to do the route tomorrow that I would have done today and save the century for another weekend.

Like you said koffee I'm a warrior, but with a lot of stubborn pride when it comes to riding routes I've chosen. I have learned to not let my pride get the better of me though. If I did I'd be out riding right now despite how I feel and how sore I am. And tonight I'd feel a lot worse.

Again thanks. This warrior shall rest himself today so he can ride again tommorrow.

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