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Portent 05-28-03 10:48 AM

Pedro's Ice Wax
I know this sounds a bit lame, but how do you apply it and in what quantity?

After putting it off for as long as possible, I have finally taken my chain off and given it a severe cleansing. I used a powerlink to re-link the chain (am I the only one who finds them hard to use) and have used an old toothbrush to apply the wax, however I'm not completely confident that I've given the chain enough of the wax.

Basically what I'm trying to say is do you use it quite liberally, or because of its translucent nature, will one coat be enough?

Thanks in advance, Portent

RacerX 05-28-03 10:56 AM

You just squirt in on from the squeeze bottle or spray. Put in on and let it dry- that means put it on the night before a ride or just after you finish a ride. You don't need to over do it. Just put as much as any other lube.

It works great but you have to re=apply every 2-3 rides as it doesn't last long. It works though. It sheds dirt and keeps everything clean. If you are using it for mountain bikes, you should squirt it on after every other ride or so. Every ride if it is wet.

shokhead 05-28-03 11:04 AM

I liked the white lighting a little better because its thinner.Pedros is thick and goes where you put it.W L is thinner and spreads all over and is a little messier.After i clean my chain,i put it on and let it dry and do another coat and thats it.

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