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Gotte 03-30-07 01:39 PM

Help me on my charity bike ride.
My friend and I are embarking soon on a 250 mile round trip of the Black Forest. We're doing it in aid of the National Autistic Society (UK). I have a page here were anyone who feels like it can donate to our chosen charity.
We had an autism scare with my first daughter a few years ago, but mercifully she was okay. Unfortunately, too many people do not have the happy outcome we had, and because I remember how bleak that time was for us, I try to do as much as possible for the National Autistic Society.

Please help me and my friend help them, give whatever you can afford. We're funding the trip ourselves, so all the money you give will go directly to helping those whose lives have been impacted by autism.

Many thanks.


Here's the link:

Gotte 03-30-07 03:07 PM

If you cant get through at the moment, it's because they're doing site maintenance.

Gotte 04-02-07 10:22 AM

Just a quick bump

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