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yukisan 05-28-03 06:14 PM

Comfort Bike Sizes
I am 67 yrs and 295#. I am interested in a comfort bike such as Giant Simple 7. I do not understand the pros & cons of the various sizes of bikes. I would appreciate a simple explanation of this issue.

Also are smooth tires better than knobbies.

What is the most comfortable seat for a BIG BUTT (gots lots psi on a small surface).

I am looking to get down to 220# by riding the roads.

Prosody 05-28-03 06:29 PM

Go to a local bike shop and ride a few bikes. Try comfort bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, even road bikes. If the people at the shop are friendly, ask a lot of questions. Tell them what kind of riding you want to do and see if they can suggest a few bikes. If the people at the shop are not friendly, find another shop. If you plan on eventually riding some distance or spending a long time on the bike, a comfort bike may not be right. A good shop ought to be able to hook you up with a bike in your price range that will suit the king of riding you want to do. And by the way, welcome to the forums.

Kev 05-28-03 06:35 PM

Slick tires are definately better for the roads the knobbies, the size of the bike refers to the seatpost length, so you can get it in the proper length to fit your legs. There is other measuements that go into the proper fit of a bike. I agree with prosody go to a LBS and check out a bew bikes. All seats will make you sore at first since you are not used to riding a bike, give it a few weeks.

MichaelW 05-29-03 02:34 AM

People who ride MTBs on the road usually swap the knobblies for a slick. 1.5" wide ones are the size of choice, they are fast, efficient and comfortable. You dont need a whole lot of suspension with this size tyre.
When it comes to saddles, the choice is very personal, we all have a different rear end configuration. Dont be mislead by soft squishy saddles, they may feel comfy in the shop, but they distribute weight where it is not meant to be supported. You have 2 sit-bones, which should carry the weight. Brooks make some lovely leather saddles which users swear by. They make heavy-duty wide ones as well as the narrower racing style.

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