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ken cummings 03-31-07 01:29 PM

Bell v1 Pro clones anyone?
My wife is finally interested in getting a new helmet after nearly 25 years. What she wants is something like the old Bell V1 Pro hardshell helmet with a suspension harness inside like a construction workers' hard hat. I've searched the V1 Pro and found a mention of a man who might sell one in the original box for between $100 and $200. Current hardshells are mostly for skateboarders and skaters tho a few are dual-certified for bikes as well. As found in Target in kids sizes. They lack good ventilation and do not have the suspension harness. Yes, I know why those harnesses are a bad idea. Tell her that. Her old helmet is a plastic shell with no foam in it plus a harness. If I could find a 26" or 27" sized hard shell foam helmet I would put in the harness myself.

Any ideas?

James H Haury 04-01-07 03:56 AM

I have seen some interesting kids helmet at wal mart one of which actually looks like a hardhat .I suppose it is for in case Bob the Builder goes Bicycling. Have checked nashbar yet?

Retro Grouch 04-01-07 07:20 AM

So why does she wear a helmet?

If your objective is to reduce the potential of a brain injury, then you should get a helmet that was designed to protect your head from the kinds of accidents that are most common in your intended use.

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