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jwc 03-31-07 09:16 PM

Keeping USPS from their appointed duty
I attended a bike race today in Greenville NC. I arrived with the first race underway, but I noticed a postal van parked sideways on the street behind the barriers with a couple of police cars. Curious, I inquired as to what was going on. Turns out, the postal driver was insisting on going through in spite of the race.

He said it was illegal to prevent him from doing his job...and wanted people arrested.

It appeared they called his supervisor in and they finally gave him an escort so he could make his pickups.

What an idiot.

Then, there were the three women in an Explorer that left work and moved barriers out of the way so they could get through....just as the postal van was trying to turn into the same street. The woman that got out and moved the barrier made the postal worker stop his truck so they could go first.

I'm sure that pissed him off too.

fubar5 03-31-07 09:22 PM

wow, sounds awesome to have been there.

jwc 03-31-07 09:29 PM

The race was great. I'll go back tomorrow for the remainder of the events.

Barabaika 03-31-07 09:42 PM

Why do they race in the city?
It would be better to close the nearest highway for it.

jwc 03-31-07 09:50 PM

Don't know why.

I remember attending a 'city' race in Walnut Creek or Concord when I lived in Cali. I worked the Tassajara Road race one year between Livermore and Danville. It was more interesting along country roads. Might make the photography more difficult though.

Barabaika 03-31-07 10:13 PM

I see a suspicious guy in blue on the second photo.
He apparently buried something or somebody under the tree.
You should check.

jwc 03-31-07 10:19 PM

Our version of the grassy knoll.

operator 03-31-07 11:49 PM


Originally Posted by jwc
Our version of the grassy knoll.


CB HI 04-01-07 01:04 AM


Originally Posted by Barabaika
Why do they race in the city?
It would be better to close the nearest highway for it.

Yea, a criterium would be much more interesting on the freeway in the middle of nowhere.

dagna 04-01-07 09:34 AM

I was recently a corner marshall for a crit series that looped the downtown section of a very small town. During the races, there were two weddings scheduled in the church in the middle of the course. No accidents, but a few seriously unhappy folks amongst the wedding parties and guests. Meanwhile, the restaurants, coffee shops, and bars were doing great business, so I think they were pretty happy about having the races downtown.

Maybe next year they can adjust the loop so the church is outside...then there's a fighting chance everyone will be happy. :D

Caspar_s 04-01-07 10:43 AM

Spectators and sponsors.

Why sponsor a race if it is going to be out in the country where no-one can see it?
Having it downtown means some people who wouldn't normally watch a race, can now see it from their coffee shop. (and maybe not run down a cyclist when they're driving or take up cycling themselves)

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